02 October 2008

It's My Anniversary!... Plus a Month

anniversary roses
...only yellow roses for this class act. None of those tacky red ones for me, thank you.

It’s been a whole year (and one month) since I started this blog. It started out with just my best friend and I reading, but eventually I expanded. Mostly because of my persistent self-promotion on other, more popular sites. Getting mentioned on Kickette and This is Extra Time also helped. But in remembering my start, I wish to share some of my favorite entries as well as honoring the ones that you have deemed most popular. THANKS FOR READING!

Most Popular Entries:
1. Hump Day Celebration: Hot Cousins
2. Disappearing Faux Hawk
3. Nereida Gallardo: Lost in Translation
4. WAGs on Holiday
5. Cheryl Cole Leaves Bra and Dignity at Home

My Favorites:
Maurice Edu Makes Americans Look Bad
Pièce de Résistance: Nereida Gallardo, Adios Puta!
ManU Has a Temper Tantrum Over Schedule
Ronaldo Releases Picture Book of Himself
Disappearing Act
McClaren Going to EURO 2008


Anonymous said...

Love Your blog I'm a blue fan 2. Keep it up Blair. I check your blog EVERYDAY.

Anonymous said...

that annonymous Lissette13 from Kickette