29 April 2010

Footballers Toying with our Emotions

I want to be overjoyed, because Clint Hill, of Crystal Palace, has some lovely abs and hip dips. But the only reason I'm getting to see them is because he's wiping the tears from his face with his kit. There are only so many emotions I can handle when looking at a torso like that. Sadness should not be one of them. I hate it when boys cry.

picture via Who Ate All the Pies

PFA Player of the Year Awards: Ceremony and Celebrations

Wayne Rooney won Player of the Year, while James Milner won Young Player of the Year.

Joe Hart was named part of the PFA Team of the Season and looked super sharp at the ceremony. Quite dapper, I think.

The celebrations were at Whisky Mist, with footballers in good form.

If you can even consider Graeme Rooney a footballer.

Ashley Cole was there too, along with Salomon Kalou.

pictures via Who Ate All the Pies, Goaly Moley, dailymail and The Sun

Shay and Jane Given Out in Alderley Edge

pictures via Kickette and dailymail

Bendtner and Fleming Get Matching Tats

They got eachother's names scribbled on their wrists. Classy.

pictures via Ekstra Bladet

Elen Rives Completes London Marathon

For those of you (you know who you are), she completed the 26.2 mile trek in 5 hours and 20 minutes.

pictures via zimbio, google images, and dailymail

The Beckhams Out and About in LA

Victoria attended an event for Brit Week in Los Angeles. She wore a mammoth, sparkly finger weight ring.

In a more relaxed setting, Mama Victoria took the kids to Pinkberry for some froyo (a.k.a. frozen yogurt).

Such a pretty crocodile that must have been...

David met them at Pinkberry and then ran off to do some more physical therapy or something.

He could really wear just about anything, or nothing at all, and we'll always find him attractive. No?

On daddy duty, David took the boys to some NFL event and had a nice little throw-about.

It's all fun and games until an adorable Beckham child gets hurt.

pictures via justjared.com, zimbio, dailymail, and The Sun

Rooneys Unite for United at Spurs Match

pictures via Dona do Bola and dailymail

Moritz Volz in the Stands

He is just so adorable. And those piercing blues are just so... piercing. (Sorry, got lost in there for a second.)

picture via Who Ate All the Pies

Stevie G Takes It Off

Oh, don't tease us Stevie!

There. That's better.

Don't look so downtrodden, Captain Liverpool. Your hip-dips look like trophy winners!

pictures via zimbio and Who Ate All the Pies

Alex Gerrard Rumours Run Rapid

First she tried to hide her ring finger, but eventually it was spotted that Alex Gerrard had gone out without her gargantuan diamond finger weight.

Do not be too concerned though, because it was back the next day when she went to Bargain Booze. (Does that place even have anything drinkable that doesn't require a stomach pump?)

So big, so shiny... so jealous.

The non-ring rumours were further escalated by gossip regarding Mrs. Gerrard and this character, Kris Commons.

Holy thightasticness/glutasticness, Batman!

picture via dailymail, The Sun, Click Liverpool, and google images

Bridgey and SWP Prefer Virtual Reality

Story via popbitch:

News from the Bell End

We all know what sex-crazed nutters Premiership
footballers are, so we know exactly what they
all get up to, right? Not quite.

Wayne Bridge and [Shaun] Wright-Phillips recently
flew some girls over from the States to help
them pass their down time. The girls were later
heard complaining that the two footballers
just sat around playing video games instead
of playing with them.

One of the ladies was pictured with Wayne, getting coffee in Manchester. Doesn't she look a lot like this bird he met in Miami. I think so. Hmmmm...

Really no reason for this picture besides that it displays some serious one-arm strength. So if he can hold himself up with just the one arm, what is he going to do with the other? (I have a few ideas.) OR... it is his right arm that has all the strength. Perhaps that arm has gotten some EXTRA work recently. He is right-handed, right? (If you know what I mean.)

pictures via google images and The Sun