25 April 2010

3 French Internationals and An Underage Prostitute

Sounds like the beginning of a good joke, but I will advise you that this is no joke. All be it, highly hysterical and worthy of a clever punchline.

Franck Ribery has gotten himself in a spot of trouble. You see, he's been found guilty of dealings with an underage prostitute. His French international teammates, Karim Benzema of Real Madrid (below left) and Sidney Govou of Lyon (below right), have also been questioned in regards to their relations with the same prostitute.

So may I introduce to you, Zahia Dehar. (She is the punchline. If you were wondering.)

You can click on the picture above to view the petite blonde doing some nasty moves on MTV. Classy.

pictures via dailymail

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Unknown said...

At least now we know why dem French footballers had a hard qualifying for the World Cup. Sad...