05 November 2011

19 October 2011

Kai Rooney: Posh and Privileged

His last name is Rooney and he's actually adorable, a genetic advancement that I solely credit to Coleen.

Plus, he has a Bentley car seat. A BENTLEY CAR SEAT. It probably costs more than all the furniture in my flat combined. Seriously.

Lastly, but definitely not least, his passport has more stamps in it than most of the world and he only turns two on November 2nd. What the hell...

pictures via dailymail

David Beckham Covers Wall Street Journal

picture via dailymail

John and Toni Terry Attend Fashion for Good Event

pictures via Stuart Wilson/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

12 October 2011

WAG Spotting: Sheree Murphy's Farewell Do

She's off to live in Australia with Harry and the family. Of course, get together brought out the likes of northwest WAGs and soap stars. Noteworthy mention... Alex Gerrard's shoes are freaking amazing.

pictures via The Sun

Meeting of the Minds: Drogba and Mad Jens

Didier was out celebrating Oktoberfest (obviously, hence the lederhosen) where he bumped into well known mentalist Jens Lehmann. Drogba was so well received that he was given a huge pretzel with some radishes for garnish.

Worst footwear ever, by the way...

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

John Obi Mikel Has Tight Jeans

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09 October 2011

Bridge and Sandford at Roberto Cavalli Store Launch

picture via Pruchnie/Getty Images Europe/zimbio

Damien Duff and his Wife Out in London

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Eye Candy: Man United Playes in T Magazine

pictures via New York Times, T Magazine

Imogen Thomas Plays it Cool in Vegas

Always one to live up to expectations, Miss. Thomas danced in her bikini in a pool with some mates and then relaxed poolside whilst selecting her next tabloid victim...

She is doing so well at attempting to change our perception of her.

You go girl. Keep it up, and keep it classy. (That's what Giggsy told her too...)

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23 September 2011

Sheree Murphy Shopping and Showers

She was out shopping with hubby, Harry Kewell, at Cricket. Shocking. Sheree also had her baby shower, attended by Justine Mills, founder and owner of Cricket. Again, shocking...

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20 September 2011

School Ties: Bleakley Back in Belfast

She headed back to her alma mater, in uniform, to increase viewer ratings for a "Back to School" segment for her failing show, Daybreak. I wonder how much Frank Lampard paid so she could keep the uniform...

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18 September 2011

Coleen Rooney Flaunts Little Kai

Not only is he attending games, but she's also taken to posting photos of him on her Twitter account. Thank the lord for social networking...

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

20 August 2011

Awkward Family Photos: Kaka and Co.

This is not a joke...

Caroline, Kaka's lovely wife, posted this pearl on her Twitter account. Why, in god's name, would you get a drawing like this done when you're husband looks like this in real life...

I'm totally baffled.

pictures via twitter and Kickette