29 October 2009

Real Madrid Players for Audi

pictures via Kickette

Abbey Clancy at THIS IS IT Premiere

Who knew that she was a Michael Jackson fan? The dress kind of reminds me of MJ's sequined glove. Nice touch, Abbey.

Those boots seem just absurd, though. I mean, with all that leather coverage, what's the point of the peep toe? I just don't understand.

pictures via zimbio and Kickette

Frank Lampard Has a New Lady Friend?

Frank met Christine Bleakley at the Pride Of Britain Awards earlier this month, and then met up again this weekend at Amika nightclub. I'm pretty sure these are just ridiculous rumours, but if they are true, she looks eerily like his ex.

Creepy, overly enthusiastic smile and overly plucked eyebrows. Check.

Small frame with a nice rack. Check.

Red carpet fashions with a high price tag. Check.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

pictures via google images and dailymail

Becks Celebrates Play-Off Birth with U2 Concert

This is a good look on David: the relaxed baby blue oxford with a white tee underneath, jumper tied around the waist, tightly fitting jeans, and a little side eye. Delicious...

pictures via I'm Not Obsessed

Cheryl Cole's X-Factor Fashions

Saturday night saw Mrs. Cole in a beautiful Versace gown. The headpiece is a little weird, and the shoes are nothing to write home about.

On Sunday, Cheryl went a little more exotic in this Julien Macdonald number. All I can see is fish scales, and frankly, I'm not a huge fan of seafood. Her shoes look fierce, at least.

pictures via google images, Girls Aloud Media, and dailymail

Carly Cole Walks and Talks Whilst Shopping

pictures via Kickette and WAGs International

LA Galaxy in Play-Offs, Beckham Gets a Boo-Boo

God I wish I could have been that ice pack...

Oh yeah, Victoria was there too.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Cheryl Cole's "Fight for This Love" Goes to #1

She gave a wave and a thumbs up to fans and later was available for autographs. Such a dahling!

I can't decide what I think of her handbag though. It's like disastrously, fabulous. I'm going to call it paradoxical.

pictures via Girls Aloud Media and dailymail

Gerrards at Liverpool-Man United Match

pictures via AlexGerrardFans on Twitter WAGs International

David Beckham Takes Sons for Pinkberry

Maybe they had doctors appointments. My parents always took me for ice cream after a trip to the doctor's office.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Cheryl Cole at X-Factor Studios

This is what I like to call "Snuggley Sweater Chic."

pictures via Girls Aloud Media