29 January 2009

Kalou Not Political, Just Grateful

Everyone unbunch your panties. Salomon Kalou was not trying to make a political statement with his goal celebration last night. He was simply thanking his hip-hop mate, Akon, for giving him a limited edition album after visiting him backstage last week. The crossed arms come from the logo of Akon's production company, Konvict Musik. (Why are rappers so incapable of spelling words correctly? I don't get it.)

He wasn't making a political statement; he was just sayin' holla. (So don't be hatin'.)

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Thursday Thighs: EPL Midweek Action

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Unacceptable Replacement: Marco Storari

So this isn't about transfer rumors. This is about Carlo Cudicini being replaced with someone totally unacceptable. I mean the two aren't even comparable. There's Carlo and then there's this character, Marco Storari. Apparently he wants to be the fourth member of Charlie's Angels...

If you're going to come to Chelsea, there's a strict short hair policy. We put Claudio Pizarro on loan; don't think we won't do it with you...

Side Note: This made me weep...

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Claire Works Out in Tights

Claire Merry was photographed working out in some tight pants while jogging in Hampstead Heath yesterday. Gotta look good when you're single. I get it girl.

P.S. Nice tee Miss. Merry. I think Thierry got the message.

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Wembley to Host 2011 Champions League Final

Looks like the English will be taking center stage at the final of the Champions League in 2011. No I don't have E.S.P., but Wembley has been selected as the venue for the Champions League Final match. The national stadium was selected about Munich's Allianz Arena and Berlin's Olympiastadion, while Dublin's Lansdowne Road has been chosen as the venue for the 2011 Europa League final - the new name for the UEFA Cup. (When the f**k did that happen and why was I not informed?!)

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Link: Champions League Final to be Staged at Wembley in 2011

Cristiano’s Childhood Heart Surgery

It appears that C-Ron used to have a heart problem and whenever he would run his heart would race and beat too quickly. But his mother, Dolores Averio (pictured above), had the irregular heartbeat fixed so he could continue training at age 15. The doctors used a laser to cauterise the source of the problem and now he's able to run about freely.

Now he makes OUR hearts race when he runs around, rather than his own.

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Link: Ronaldo Had Heart Surgery at the Age of 15 to Save His Career, His Mother Reveals

28 January 2009

Hump Day Celebration: Vintage Beckham Advert

Crazy Kelley Strikes... The Archive

I've found other evidence that Alex Gerrard's friend Kelley is a total nutter. It wasn't just a one time thing.

Yeah. Total nutter, right?

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Robinho Arrested on Rape Charges

An 18-year-old university student has claimed that the Manchester City striker sexually assaulted her in The Space nightclub where he was hanging out with friends in the VIP section.

Robinho was questioned by West Yorkshire police and was adamant that this was a false accusation. He complied to all their requests, including the donation of a DNA sample. Seems like he's being legit about things. I suppose I'll give him the benefit of the doubt... for now.

Robinho trained at Tenerife yesterday and looks to be included in the lineup for the game tonight against Newcastle.

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Italians Make Some Awkward Television

It's like watching a train wreck. Or maybe it's more like watching your mate get a lap dance from a stripper at their stag party. So incredibly bloody awkward...

I know there's no audio. Yes, I'm disappointed too.

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27 January 2009

Col's Umpteenth Bikini

The insanity continues...

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Tuesday Tummies: Old School Hargreaves

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Cristiano Masters the Art of Humility

Not as well as how I’ve mastered the art of sarcasm though.

When asked to rate himself on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, C-Ron had this to say:

"I can't say 10, so nine.”

So humble, so full of humility. (Rolls eyes.)

"I think I can improve all the time. 10 is the maximum and I haven't reached the maximum yet, so I'd give myself nine. I hope 10 out of 10 is to come. I believe it will. My challenge is always to be better and better… I'll try to be as good as I was last season but it's hard.”

Cue crying about being ajudged as a diver and having to deal with the everyday pressures of being himself. Blah blah blah. Get over yourself already. Ugh!

Link: Cristiano Ronaldo Interview: Players Like Kaka and Me ARE Worth £100m

The Robinho Debacle

So he returned from Brazil yesterday after dealing with the much important, yet undefined, “personal business” that he dubbed so important that it required him to leave training without telling a single soul. But Robinho did not return to a happy Mark Hughes.

He insists on fining the striker for abruptly leaving training and flying to Brazil without telling anyone. The Manchester City boss said the docking of 2 weeks pay (around £300,000) was going to be followed by normal disciplinary procedure. Whether the pansy ass gaffer is going to actually fine the player has yet to be confirmed.

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Link: Manchester City Manager Mark Hughes Insists He Will Fine Robinho

Victoria and David Drama: To Milan or Divorce

I’m sure it’s not nearly that serious, but the Beckhams are torn between David having a more illustrious career at AC Milan and their children enjoying their lifestyle and school in LA. It is a difficult decision to make. Can’t imagine it would be enough for the two break up, but can you imagine Becks as a singleton. Oh the joy…

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Link:Beckham Dubbed AC Milan's 'Lucky Talisman'

Rio Ferdinand: Outfit Doesn’t Match the Ride

When you have a car that nice, why, in god’s name, would you wear a sweat suit? So disappointing.

Side Note: Anybody know the make of that car? I thought maybe Jaguar or Porsche. But the emblem on the hood, I don’t recognize. Anyone have a clue?

UPDATE: My car specialists have had their time to discuss and they've informed me that Rio is riding in a brand new 2009 Porsche Cayenne Magnum. Rat bastard...

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26 January 2009

Vicotria Beckham and Her Big Bag

So I was shocked to see Victoria caring anything by her staple Birkin bag from Hermes. She's been carrying a Loewe's Calle bag worth £7,000 instead. What brought on this change in accessories?

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Birthday Wishes: The Special One

Jose Mourinho turned 46 today. He looks darn good for being almost 50. And the winking continues.

Cudicini Seals Spurs Deal

Carlo Cudicini has left Chelsea for Tottenham Hotspurs, who face a relegation battle at the bottom of the league. After being second string for Petr Cech, the 35-year-old Italian goalkeeper has had enough and will attempt to beat out a struggling Gomes for the starting spot at White Hart Lane.

I guess I understand him wanting to move on and play some decent football, but that doesn’t’ mean I can’t be a little bitter. After 10 years at Stamford Bridge, it’s hard to think of Chelsea without him (and his gorgeousness). I’ll miss you Cudi.

Link: Cudicini Swaps Chelsea for Relegation Battle at Spurs
Link :Chelsea FC- Cudicini Moves On

Coleen's Holiday Bikini Extravaganza

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