26 January 2009

Cudicini Seals Spurs Deal

Carlo Cudicini has left Chelsea for Tottenham Hotspurs, who face a relegation battle at the bottom of the league. After being second string for Petr Cech, the 35-year-old Italian goalkeeper has had enough and will attempt to beat out a struggling Gomes for the starting spot at White Hart Lane.

I guess I understand him wanting to move on and play some decent football, but that doesn’t’ mean I can’t be a little bitter. After 10 years at Stamford Bridge, it’s hard to think of Chelsea without him (and his gorgeousness). I’ll miss you Cudi.

Link: Cudicini Swaps Chelsea for Relegation Battle at Spurs
Link :Chelsea FC- Cudicini Moves On


LoveLamps said...

Recall the video where Lamps says Carlo is the best looking player at Chelsea? Well, he was after Lamps and now he's gone. A bit of beauty has left the Bridge and GOD will he be missed! Love you Carlo!

Lissette said...

Damme, he was a got danme HOT Piece Of man. Why?
(Carlo u will always be in my dirty dreams, no matter where Ur' playing) I hope everything goes well for him. (tears in my eyes)