12 January 2009

Chelsea Players Left Out in Cold, Maradona to Blame

At the Radisson Edwardian in Manchester yesterday morning around 7, a fire alarm went off and all residents were forced to leave their rooms and wait outside. This included the ENTIRE Chelsea squad and their staff.

The source? A fireman on the scene was recorded as stating: "It looks as though it was set off by Diego and his entourage smoking cigars on the 14th floor." How convenient. Well played Mr. Tevez. Well played.

And a witness told The Sun: "I saw most of Chelsea outside shivering. It wasn't the best preparation for a vital game."

Lucky git. Wonder what they were all wearing? Training gear? Pajamas? Boxers? Shirts? I shall let my imagination wonder for a moment…

pictures via dailymail, google images, and jamd

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