28 October 2010

Wayne and Coleeen Rooney Head to Dubai

One trip to beautician (and one insane eyebrow treatment) and Coleen Rooney was ready to jet to Dubai for a holiday with her love-rat whiny greedy selfish husband, Wayne.

pictures via dailymail and Dona da Bola

Thursday Thud: Cristiano Ronaldo's Torso

Thud Factor = something that makes you so overwhelmed you fall over. Whether it be from gorgeousness, laughter, or just being completely dumbfounded.

Exhibit A... thud.

Get it? Hoping to keep this as a regular feature, so stay tuned.

pictures via Dona da Bola

David Beckham Can Do No Wrong

His armpit looks fabulous and so do his sunglasses.

He pulls off geek chic like no other.

His thighs are just plain delicious.

And he makes gorgeous offspring. He can't really fail at much.

pictures via twitpic and dailymail

Fashion Fail: MOBOs in Liverpool

She may have been the only one who didn't stick to the dress code (black, you must only wear black), but that dress is just horrendous. I don't care if it is Lanvin or T.K. Maxx, it's just bad.

Phil Jagielka and Tim Cahill were also there with their wives. A note to Mr. Jagielka: just because those jeans are gray wash, doesn't mean they're red carpet worthy. Go buy some proper trousers.

Tim Howard was just about the only one who was successful in choosing something appropriate and tasteful. He looked delicious in a vest and jacket with an Alexander McQueen scarf.

Sheree Murphy was there too, but really?

pictures via getty images/zimbio

Andy Carroll's Gets Pitiful Punishment

Carroll had been charged with assaulting his 18-year-old ex girlfriend and part of the conditions of his bail is that he was ordered to live with Newcastle captain, Kevin Nolan. Of course, someone took advantage of knowing this and burnt Carroll's chrome Range Rover to a crisp as it sat in Nolan's driveway.

Some good has come out of all this drama though. Check out @KevinandAndy on Twitter for some hysterical (yet incredibly fake) accounts of the goings on between the two.

Also, Andy was photographed with a new bird recently. Does she not read the papers? Oh wait, right...

pictures via Who Ate All the Pies, dailymail, and Goaly Moly

Robbie Savage Tries New Fashion Statement

For some reason, I don't think this is going to catch on...

picture via plixi

Carlos Bocanegra Sprains his Neck

Don't worry he'll be alright. It wasn't serious and he should be back in a jiffy.

And just because I can, here is Carlos hard at work... in my dreams.

pictures via yfrog and Kickette

Sergio Canales and Girlfriend Out in Madrid

Should a 13-year-old even be dating? WHAT!? He's 19? Well I guess that helps to explain how he is allowed to drive a car as well.

Well if he's 19, I suppose that this would be acceptable to post then, too! Pants peek!

pictures via Dona da Bola

21 October 2010

David Beckham in Geek Specs at LAX

pictures via Bauer Griffin/zimbio

Joe Hart Trains with Man City in Two Hats

I'm not complaining. Because let's be honest, he looks amazing no matter what he's wearing.

pictures via Kickette (here and here) and BIG Pictures/Goaly Moly

Harry Redknapp Gets Super Supportive with Modric

Looks like Harry Houdini has turned into Harry Who-gives-a-shite-what-you-think-I'm-the-manager-here.

picture via Who Ate All the Pies

Balcony Boffing: Cesc Fabregas on Holiday in Italy

That may be his girlfriend, Carla, but I feel dirty looking at these. Needless to say, I had to share.

I take more issue with the fact that Carla's surname is, Cutie. Really? That's lame. But also ironic, seeing that she's not really all the good looking. So by lame, I mean comedically brilliant.

pictures via google images

Coleen Rooney at Old Trafford and Toy Shopping

Coleen Rooney was at Old Trafford with little Kai the other week. I'm assuming she was there to support Wayne sitting on the bench.

She's also done a bit of retail therapy or perhaps some early Christmas shopping. Kai is going to be one spoiled child.

pictures via Dona da Bola and dailymail

Jamie O'Hara and Danielle Lloyd in Public Eye

The happy parents were at a UFC event where Danielle preceded to get completely pissed and eventually stumbled into a cab later. No worries though, because the family was out and about looking all loved up and adorable.

Jamie and Danielle were on Soccer AM this weekend speaking about being a family and Jamie sticking with Tottenham, attempting to find his way back into the squad after being out on loan last season and recovering from a back injury. Jamie called little Archie, "big puddin'." How adorable? He also showed off his scar, from a surgery on his spine, whilst flashing his Calvin Klein pants. Also very adorable.

pictures via dailymail, BIG Pictures/Goaly Moly, and Dona da Bola

Alex Gerrard Stocks Up on adidas Loot

I wonder if they made her pay?

Loving this outfit though.

pictures via dailymail

Beckham Boys Enjoy LA Galaxy Match with Mum

Romeo and Cruz sported personally monogrammed ball caps. I love that Cruz's says "Cruz-Control." The family seems to have their own superstitious traditions. What they are doing exactly, I have no bloody idea.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun