27 August 2008

Vincenzo Grella to Rovers

grella with socceroos

This Socceroo hottie (with Italian decent, not dissent) has joined the Blackburn Rovers on a 5-year contract for an undisclosed fee. Grella, 28, formerly played for Torino, Parma, and Empoli of Serie A. The defensive midfielder is the fifth signing for Ince and will be joining his Australia teammate Brett Emerton at Ewood Park.

grella and ball

For the ladies who are enjoying this new addition to the Premier League, Grella is currently married and has twin daughters, Victoria and Sophia. And according to Wikipedia, Vince met his wife, Barbara, when she worked in a shoe store in Italy. Apparently he enjoyed their first meeting so much that he returned multiple times to do some shoe shopping... oh vomit.

Link: Grella Joins Blackburn from Torino

Hump Day Celebration: Men in Suits

chelsea suits
I don't know what it is exactly with men wearing suits being and being exceedingly more attractive than when they're in other clothes, but they so are! Perhaps its the anticipation of removing all the layers or the whole prim and proper hotness thing. Either way, these men pull off suits like Sports Illustrated models pull off bikinis. Enjoy!
ronaldo, nani, deco in suits
agger in tiejamie redknapp in tiesteven gerrard in suit
owen hargreaves in suitlampard in england suit
pictures via misty stiletto and google

25 August 2008

Arrivederci West London, Sheva Heads Back to Milan

shevchenko to milan
"I'm going over there to Italy, ok?"

After passing a medical today, Andriy Shevchenko is heading back to AC Milan after a rough two years at Chelsea. With only nine goals over forty-seven appearances in the Premier League, Sheva is returning to Italy in hopes of regaining his goalscoring confidence.

Good riddance. I took issue with him wearing short-sleeves with gloves and his inability to do what we paid him to do, score goals.

Link: Shevchenko Returns to Milan
Link: Sheva Thanks Chelsea Fans

Monday Mmmmm: Michael Owen’s Chiseled Features

michael owen mmmmm
michael owen smile

Coleen and Alex Fail to Sintillate

alex curran at scintillatecoleen at scintillate

The Liverpool ladies failed to make a splash at the hotspot Sintillate. Alex chose to use the fil Saturday Night Fever for the inspiration of her outfit but the effort resulted in an outfit for a fancy dress party rather than normal Sunday night club wear. Although Coleen was slightly more successful (she at least chose our current decade), her puffy skirted dress neglected to display her lovely figure. In addition, Mrs. Rooney also chose to actually do her hair, while Mrs. Gerrard deemed it unnecessary. Unacceptable ladies.

Link: Fashion Own Goals for Coleen McLoughlin and Alex Curran on a WAGs Night Out

A Winner and a Loser: Phelps and Ferdinand the Younger

phelps and ferdinand

What are you going to do now that you’ve beat the record for number of gold medals in a single Olympics?

I’m going to a Mayfair casino with Anton Ferdinand!

Hardly a worthy celebration. Michael Phelps needs a lesson on the difference between A-List and B-List footballers. If you’re going to be in Mayfair, you’d be better off finding some classy Chelsea players to hang out with. Seriously.

phelps and ferdinand 2

Link: Phelps Gets "Hammered"

22 August 2008

Footballers Are Idiots... Because They Can't Park Legally

wayne and coleen at wings

I don't understand how footballers (and their WAGs) can't find a legal parking space? I mean everyone else does, right? It boggles the mind.

Wayne Rooney (again) was ticketed outside Wings resturaunt, where he was dining with his wifey, Coleen. Manchester must be low on spaces or something.

wayne and coleen at wings 2
coleen at wings

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

Friday Movie Talk: Goal II


FINALLY! The whispers can cease. GOAL 2: Living the Dream is finally coming to the United States. After waiting ever so patiently, or rather not so patiently, the date has been set for August 29th. (Although after numerous postponements I’m not real trusting.) It will be limited viewing, so you might have to venture to a big city to see it. Make a day of it. Perhaps enjoy a little shopping, if not only through window panes.

Reasons to see this Movie:

1. It’s a about football. Duh.
2. David Beckham, Raul, The Ramos, Robinho, Thierry Henry and Zizou all have cameos
3. Iker Casillas in a hot tub (around 5.35 in)

Need I say more?

Link: Kickette: Dates for the Diary - August 29th
Link: Internet Movie Database: GOAL II

20 August 2008

England v. Czech Republic: Thesaurus Work and Scarlet Letters

j.cole and terry

I couldn’t be anymore embarrassed about being an England fan right now than if our captain was Willy Wonka, or perhaps an oompa loopa. (And I LOVE John Terry.) Besides the fact that we scratched out a draw in the final minutes (thank you Joe Cole, a Blue Boy may I add), our defense was dismal, our offense was wretched, and our midfield was basically undetectable.

How many ways can you say “pathetic”: doleful, heartbreaking, lamentable, miserable, mournful, moving, piteous, pitiable, pitiful, plaintive, poor, rueful, ruthful, sad, useless, worry. Yes, all of those. That’s how England fans feel about our team. I’ve been pretty supportive, but truthfully I’m getting sick of the worrisome performances from my team. And frankly, World Cup qualification is the least of our worries; worldwide embarrassment seems to be more ostensible at this point.

I don’t know whether the fans at Wembley tonight were booing David Bentley coming on or Frank Lampard coming off, but both are not due. Especially when you cheer David Beckham’s woeful performance (besides Brown’s assist) when he came out of the game. (I love to quote ESPN’s Match Centre commentary by calling him “Copperballs” because he failed to reach a single England player on about 99.9% of his free kicks and corners.) You can’t cheer for some and not all. You’re either a team player or not, and booing puts a big Scarlet letter on your chests, you tergiversators! Look that one up and suck on it!

brown and rio

Personal Note: God was at least on our side for providing the rain when the lads were in their home whites, making them deliciously clingy and basically see through. Thank you for that.

Link: Cole Saves Fabio's Blushes

19 August 2008

Tough Bubba: Isabella Neville

pictures via dailymail/Big Pictures

After finding out their 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Phil and Julie Neville was told by doctors that she would never walk. But at age 2, she took her first steps and as seen in the picture above left, the four-year-old can now kick a football as well. The youngster was taking part in a charity fundraiser for the new Children's Hospital Appeal in Manchester. Her older brother Harvey, 5, also participated in the event. Isabella looks to be exceeding everyone’s expectations. Well done Phil and Julie. You’ve got one tough little cookie there.

Personal Note: HOW CUTE IS SHE!? And little Harvey too! Such a good story and I love the heart-warming nature or the piece. But it acts to inform people about the disease as well.

Link: The Heart-Warming Moment Phil Neville's Daughter Overcame Her Cerebral Palsy to Kick a Football Like Daddy

Tuesday Tummies: JT at Fan Day

john terry tummyjohn terry tummy 2
pictures via myspace friend

JT Retains Captaincy

john terry pre-czech

John Terry has kept hold of the captain’s band for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers and Rio Ferdinand will be his vice captain.

Personal Note: HAAAAAAALLELUJAH! WWWOOOOHOOOOO!! OY OY!! OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN! (dancing and inner-screaming at my desk)

Link: Terry Retains Captaincy
Link: Terry Named Engalnd Skipper

18 August 2008

Monday Hhhhmmm: Rooney v. Newcastle

rooney gay comic

It seems that Mr. Rooney is very much in tune with his feminine side. Maybe a little to much.

picture via gettyimages (obviously)

Monday Mmmmmm: Deco's Tat

deco, scolari, terry 2
I realize this isn't a new picture. But after Deco's AMAZING performance with the Blues this weekend, I had to celebrate.

I find his tattoo incredibly intriguing. (And he and JT have lovely calves as well.)
deco, scolari, terry

pictures via daylife

England Returns, New Captain Tomorrow


England are back in training preparing for Wednesday’s friendly against the Czech Republic. Tomorrow is C-Day, when Fabio Capello will announce his captain for the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. So there will either be a rave (if JT gets it) or rant (if Rio gets it) from me tomorrow.


WAG Alert: Coleen Attends V Festival

coleen at v festival 2coleen at v festival

She totally pulls off the hippie chic in Wellies look. Love her!

coleen at v festival 3

pictures via DailyMail and The Sun

13 August 2008


frank signs deal

Frank Lampard has FINALLY signed a new 5-year deal with Chelsea Football Club! I can finally breathe deeply (and purchase all the new kits with Lampard-8).

picture via chelseafc

video via itnnews

Link: Chelsea FC

Link: Sky Sports

Link: Daily Mail

12 August 2008

Tuesday Tummies: Tim Cahill and Lucas Neill

cahill and neill

A little Socceroo action! CRICKEY!

More Than One Shopper in Gerrard Household

gerrard adidas shopping

Stevie G was spotted doing a bit of credit card swiping at an adidas store in Belgium, where Liverpool is set to play a Champions League qualifier against Standard Liege tomorrow.

Perhaps he just told them to put it on his tab, or even better he just took the stuff and said he was paid to do so.

Link: Steven Gerrard Hits the Shops in Style

Gerrard Builds Gym, Irritates the Neighbours

gerrard's gym 3
Steven Gerrard is building his own £350,000 two-storey gym in his back garden. I think it looks like Chelsea’s training facility at Cobham, but that’s just me. Anywho… the neighbours are all up in arms because it’s an eyesore on the community. Alas, the project was approved by the local government officials, so the neighbours will just have to un-bunch their panties and deal with it.

If I were Stevie, these would be my points of argument:

1. It’s in my fenced in backyard. So ppplllhhhh!
2. I’m increasing your property value. So sell your house, get the extra cash and piss off.
3. You’re just jealous that I paid for this with 2 weeks of wages. Don’t be hatin’.

Perhaps I should research a more mature stance on things. Nah.

gerrard's gymgerrard's gym 2

Link: Steven Gerrard Upsets Neighbours

06 August 2008

Hump Day Celebration: Jamie's Guns

jamie carragher guns

He may be an older lad, and you can never can't always understand what he says, but he's still got some sexy biceps (and a nice bum too).

picture via Wags International

Maurice Edu Makes Americans Look Bad

maurice edu in china 2

What a whiney little man. In a video posted on his official website, all he does is complain about how hot it is in China, where the U.S. national team is playing in the Olympics. Let me first state that his kid was exposed to the extreme heat of southern California (where he grew up) and Maryland (where he attended college), he obviously experienced too much air-conditioning and not enough preparations for the Chinese heat index. My advice...shut your pie-hole and cope, son.

Here are my favorite (and highly over used) key phrases from the video:

“It’s hot.”

“Can’t breathe, can’t think. Sweatin’ and sweat. That’s all I know right now, is sweat.”

maurice edu in china

“I’m sweating just from breathin’.”

“Dieing of sweat. Can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t see. I’m losing my breath just trying to talk.”

Well if these statements foreshadow the performance of the national team to any capacity, we’re royally f**ked.

The only good thing about the video is Brian McBride’s appearance. He’s still hot (and I mean that in the attractive sense, not the temperature sense, although he does agree with me by saying he's HOT!). I’m going to greatly miss him in the Premier League. Shall stare blankly for a few moments and attempt to return to reality at a later date.
brian mcbride in chinabrian mcbride in china 2

05 August 2008

Real Settle With Van Der Vaart

rafael at madrid
Real Madrid have finally conceded that they won’t be getting Cristiano Ronaldo this season and have settled for Dutchman, Rafael van der Vaart. The midfielder, formerly of Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga, has been eyed by Chelsea for many months, but sealed the deal with the La Liga champions yesterday and was presented to the media today followed by a training session. No details have been formally released yet, but the deal is supposedly for five years and worth about €13 million.

rafael with madrid

Yesterday on his personal website, Van der Vaart stated:

"Last night everything came together, and I am now moving to Real Madrid," the 25-year-old Hamburg captain announced on his website. As everybody might know I have always wanted to move to Spain, because I have a strong bond with that country. Now I'm going to play for Real Madrid - it's a dream comes true! Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon I will be presented at Real Madrid. This will be the start of a new chapter in my life. I will do everything to help the team and the club to win trophies."

rafael at hamburger sv

On a personal note, I’m totally bummed that he isn’t coming to Chelsea. His good looks would have been a nice addition to the squad and Sylvie would have loved the shops in London, not that the shops in Madrid will be a disappointment.

rafael at madrid 2sylvie and rafael at madridrafael and bubba at madrid

Note: Sylvie is looking ferosh with that Birkin bag. She will fit in well with the Real WAGs. Also, his little bubba, Damian is ADORABLE!

images via jamd and The Spoiler

Link: Van der Vaart Seals Madrid Move