19 August 2008

Tough Bubba: Isabella Neville

pictures via dailymail/Big Pictures

After finding out their 18-month-old daughter, Isabella, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Phil and Julie Neville was told by doctors that she would never walk. But at age 2, she took her first steps and as seen in the picture above left, the four-year-old can now kick a football as well. The youngster was taking part in a charity fundraiser for the new Children's Hospital Appeal in Manchester. Her older brother Harvey, 5, also participated in the event. Isabella looks to be exceeding everyone’s expectations. Well done Phil and Julie. You’ve got one tough little cookie there.

Personal Note: HOW CUTE IS SHE!? And little Harvey too! Such a good story and I love the heart-warming nature or the piece. But it acts to inform people about the disease as well.

Link: The Heart-Warming Moment Phil Neville's Daughter Overcame Her Cerebral Palsy to Kick a Football Like Daddy

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Misty Stiletto said...

No matter how I feel about the Nevillies this is a darling story and the girl is a real cutie!! Good on her for proving the doctors wrong!!