12 August 2008

Gerrard Builds Gym, Irritates the Neighbours

gerrard's gym 3
Steven Gerrard is building his own £350,000 two-storey gym in his back garden. I think it looks like Chelsea’s training facility at Cobham, but that’s just me. Anywho… the neighbours are all up in arms because it’s an eyesore on the community. Alas, the project was approved by the local government officials, so the neighbours will just have to un-bunch their panties and deal with it.

If I were Stevie, these would be my points of argument:

1. It’s in my fenced in backyard. So ppplllhhhh!
2. I’m increasing your property value. So sell your house, get the extra cash and piss off.
3. You’re just jealous that I paid for this with 2 weeks of wages. Don’t be hatin’.

Perhaps I should research a more mature stance on things. Nah.

gerrard's gymgerrard's gym 2

Link: Steven Gerrard Upsets Neighbours

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

2 story?? Why, because you can't fit enough torture onto 1 level??

That is one huge gym, so I fully expect Mr Gerrard to be looking fitter than ever!! Although I'm not sure my heart could take bigger thigh muscles.