31 December 2008

Hump Day Celebration: Danny Cipriani

Stevie G Prison Cell Update: Day 3

Although he's no longer in a prison cell, I'm not going to change the name, sorry.

Today he returned to training at Melwood. Shaking hands with teammates and having a bit of a laugh, the skipper, newly charged with assault and affray, looked to be in good spirits for his circumstances.

It could have something to do with Rafa Benitez's statement on Liverpool's website in support of the player's character, position at the club, and general goody-too-shoeness:

"Steven is our captain and a key player for us, but more than this, I know him as a nice person. I sat down with him this morning and had a very good talk with him about the situation and I was also able to speak at length with our club lawyer. Steven explained to me what had happened and I told him he has my full support and backing, along with everyone else at the football club. He's trained with the other lads this morning after a couple of days off for the squad and is keen now to focus solely on his football. We've worked very hard to get into the position we're in going through to the New Year and all of us are determined to keep that progress going. We'll do whatever we can to support Steven in the weeks ahead, but we're now concentrating on our preparation for the FA Cup game at Preston this weekend."

A picture of the 34-year-old DJ, who was injured in the "brawl" has been released. It's anticlimactic if you ask me. No big scrapes or visible facial injuries whatsoever. Wimp.

pictures via liverpoolfc and dailymail

Scolari Holds Team Meeting

Upon the return of the first team to training at Cobham, Luis Felipe Scolari scheduled a team meeting in response the Chelsea's inconsistency in form. Held at the training ground's auditorium, usually used for press conferences, the team was told to air their grievances and leave them in the room before heading out onto the pitch. Although some tabloids are reporting of some discomfort in the squad, mostly directed towards Didier Drogba, Scolari seemed pleased with the results of the meeting.

"Before we went to training, we had a good team meeting," said Scolari. "Since Sunday I have had the chance to watch again the Fulham game and yesterday, with my players, we talked about all of that game before going out for a good training session. Now we begin to look ahead to my first FA Cup game, against Southend, a game we must be ready for, as if we are playing a team in first, second or third position in the Premier League."

picture via jamd

Link: Scolari Calls Team Meeting at Chelsea

Becks Trains with AC Milan, Sporting New Tattoos

David Beckham is back in training, this time with AC Milan.

He was sporting two new tattoos on his left arm. One is a Hebrew inscription saying, "My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart." placed right below his bicep on the inside of his elbow. The other is a cherub on his tricep, matching the one on his right arm in design and placement.

Victoria is growing displeased with her husbands infatuation with body ink and was not happy with his two new additions.

Oh he also wore his new AC Milan inspired adidas Predators. Fetching, no?

Lastly, is everyone else enjoying Becks hair at this particular length as much as I am? Nummy nummy.

pictures via dailymail

New Year's Resolutions: Wayne in the Kitchen

One more addition to dropping of the junk food in the new year posse.

But Wayne took it a step further by promising the wifey that she wouldn't be the only one slaving in the kitchen to counteract his lack of takeout.

Wayne is going to learn how to cook in 2009. He's even asked the chefs at Manchester United to give him healthy recipes for his favorite dishes.

A footballer in the kitchen? I'll believe it when I see it. (Wayne in an apron... I crack myself up!)

picture via The Sun

30 December 2008

Stevie G Prison Cell Update: Day 2

Steven Gerrard was released on bail at 11:25pm last night after being questioned for over 9 hours. He was picked up by a black Citroen Xsara, believed to be driven by his father.

Alex and Steven left their home today at 1:15pm in their black Range Rover with Stevie at the wheel.

But, Alex dropped Steven off at home at 3.35pm before driving away again alone.

Steven has been officially charged with assault, along with John Doran, 29, and Ian “Iggy” Smith, 19 years, both from Huyton, Liverpool. They will appear at North Sefton Magistrates' Court in Southport on January 23rd and could get up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

Liverpool Football Club finally made a statement in support of Gerrard and his character:

"Steven has been an outstanding servant to Liverpool for the last 10 years and the club will give him all the support he needs at this time."

Rumors are circulating that his England place is also to have been confirmed as safe.

pictures via WAGs International and dailymail

Link: Gerrard Charged by the Police
Link: Liverpool Back Steven Gerrard After Assault Charge

Tuesday Tummies: Yoann Gourcuff in St. Barth's

pictures via Pure People

My Own Little Christmas Miracle

So my mother told me on Christmas morning that she had yet to receive two of my gifts in the mail, which I quickly forgot about after getting a year’s subscription to Chelsea Magazine. But last night one of my other presents arrived in the mail. I opened the envelope and inside was the Centennial Chelsea Autobiography of the club. It was a used copy, but I didn’t care. I was downright giddy.

My mother paged through it and said, “Oh it’s signed to someone, that’s odd. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Then she showed me the title paged that was signed. There in my very own book was the loopy signature I’d been pining over for the past 3 years.

Yes, Frank Lampard, my favorite player in the whole entire universe had signed and touched the very book that was in my hands. I screamed. Loudly. (There also may have been some jumping, leaping, and making of sounds that I had only heard in videos of Twilight fans meeting Robert Pattinson.)

Although it’s not signed to me, I don’t care. It’s kind of cool that my wish came true. I actually DID get Frank Lampard for Christmas!

P.S. Faith, if you would like your book back. Let me know. I realize that if this had so much importance to me it must have A LOT more for you.

Fernando Torres Goes 80’s Chic

I have to at least give him credit for matching his shoes to his shirt. Dsquared is a respectable t-shirt designer as well.

picture via kickette

29 December 2008

Stevie G Prison Cell Update

The press has released pictures of the club floor where the fracas took place. Yes, those are droplets of blood. Nasty.

Media outlets, paparazzi, and every journalist in Northern England have planted themselves outside the police station where Stevie is being held.

Earlier they snapped shots of Alex Gerrard arriving to bail out her hubs. I'm not sure if it's appropriate to dress like you're going out to drink martinis with your girlfriends when really you're going to a police station to bail out your delinquent husband. At least put on a respectable blazer.

Whether a conjugal visit was arranged, has yet to be confirmed.

pictures via dailymail and WAGs International

Fulham v Chelsea Reaction a la MRWF

1.) Frank Lampard is a demigod. And I don’t mean his overwhelming good looks, debonair smile, thick thighs, and stealthy calves. Stand-in captain duties would presume he be a leader on the pitch, but to score two goals (to tie it up and then to take the lead), is a true example of the leadership he brings to the team (and his determinedness to win).

2.) Chelsea are absolutely rubbish at defending set pieces. Both of the goals (which were the only shots on target in the entire match) were made on set pieces. The first from a free kick and the second from a corner.

3.) We need John Terry to return to organize the backline during said set pieces. (He looks bored to tears in the stands, no? He needs a hug. I shall have to volunteer my services.)

4.) Injuries to Malouda and Alex in the first half were not the best way to begin a match. Seeing that they both sustained muscle injuries, perhaps a more intense warm-up should be enforced.

5.) Riccy Carvalho’s return could not come at a better time. Oh how I’ve missed you and your ugly mug world-class defensive mastery.

6.) Chelsea’s run of form seems to be giving me emotional whiplash. Elation, sadness, pleasure, anger, contentedness, despair, afternoons on the couch debating whether to engorge myself on a pint of ice cream or to drown my feelings in a bottle scotch. Stop toying with my emotions or we’ll have to break up. (You’re bad for my waistline and liver.)

Those of you who have been reading this blog long enough realize that #6 is an empty threat. There’s no way I could cheer on anyone but my Blues, no matter how angry I get with them.

Birthday Wishes: December 29th

Kieron Dyer is 30 today. Whilst attempting to gain match fitness after a nasty broken leg 16 months ago, Dyer has had to further delay his return due to a bout of the flu. Poor guy can’t catch a break!

Jason Kreis turns 35 today. The former MLS MVP (’99) became the manager of Real Salt Lake in 2007, taking over for John Ellinger. I definitely rate him as one of the more attractive managers in the MLS, and maybe even the world. But don’t get too carried away. He’s married with children. So disappointing.

Jude Law, a devout Tottenham Hotspurs fan, also turns 35 today. Law is a huge football buff and enjoyed participating in the 2006 Soccer Aid for UNICEF with Robbie William’s team. For his birthday he is spending time with his kids and ex-wife in Brazil.

Useless Jude Law Trivia: I highly suspect that he broke his engagement with Sienna Miller because she is a Chelsea fan.

pictures via google images

Ireland Monkeys Around

Stephen Ireland has been telling his Manchester City teammates that he got a pet monkey for himself. A big fan of pets, he has fish, cats and dogs, Ireland added this poo-flinging exotic addition to his pet posse as a Christmas present to himself. Although the rumors can’t be confirmed, it wouldn’t surprise his teammates if Ireland got a little primate friend.

Maybe he’ll dress it in light blue and it can be the new team mascot…

Link: Stephen Ireland's Monkey Magic

Louise Owen: WAGary with Horses

This horse-infatuated WAG cares more about riding and being a patron of the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre in Halton, Lancashire than handbags and publicity. In her first real interview, Louise speaks of her family and her experience with horses. Wife of Michael Owen, and mother of three, Gemma Rose (5) , James (2) and Emily (14 months), this is one busy mum who chooses family over all else.

In the past I have made statements in regards to WAG not acting like the rich, privileged individuals that they are, in this case, I have to retract my usual criticism. Only because I adore Louise, her hubs, and all her adorable little bubbas too.

pictures via dailymail

Link: The WAG Who Prefers Horses to Handbags: Michael Owen’s Wife Louise Reveals Her Greatest Passion... Rescuing Racehorses

Steven Gerrard Arrested in Late-Night Fracas

Police were called to the Lounge Inn in Southport, Merseyside last night at 2:30 AM following a massive drunken testosterone induced brawl disturbance. A 34-year-old local of Southport was taken to the hospital with minor facial injuries. Six men, including Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, were arrested on suspicion of assault on a nearby street. They remain in custody.

Steven Gerrard’s Bentley was still parked outside the restaurant/late night music venue this morning with a parking ticket attached.

Liverpool FC are not commenting on the incident.

pictures via google images and dailymail

Link: Liverpool's Steven Gerrard Arrested Over Assault
Link: Liverpool Skipper Steven Gerrard Arrested Over Alleged Nightclub Assault

27 December 2008

Man City Crossbar Challenge

The Manchester City lads did a Christmas Crossbar Challenge. Although this is a video of their fun from their own telly channel, the challenge was also shown on Soccer AM in an abridged version.

Observations... Joe Hart is really attractive. Shaun Wright-Phillips is shrinking. Robinho's absence only convinces me further that he's embarrassed by his company.

Lamps and Dad Buy Chelsea Pub

Located between King’s Road and Fulham Road, the pub formerly known as The Pig's Ear, is a convenient distance from Stamford Bridge, the home playing grounds for Chelsea FC. Frank and his dad invested in the joint venture as a real estate asset. The pub is very popular with the locals and is often visited by Prince William and his squeeze, Kate Middleton, who have a favorite table. Hopefully the popularity of it's visitors and it's new owners will keep the place in business.

I'm sure the Chelsea lads are excited about Lampsy's new investment. First round on Frank?

Business Suggestion: Discount drinks for Chelsea fans?

pictures via The Sun

No Christmas Dinner at Home for the Beckhams

They go out and dine in style of course. Aren't the boys looking dapper?

P.S. Cruz's reindeer antlers are hysterical.

pictures via dailymail

26 December 2008

500 Not Out

This is my 500th post. Pretty ridiculous seeing that it took me over a year to get the first 250 and then 2 months to get the second 250. But I guess it's all time well spent if my readers are happy.

Which brings me to the subject of this particular post: the happiness of my readers. (All four of you.) Commenting is not something I've been blessed with, apparently, as a blogger. I even integrated the rating system in an attempt to get some feedback, but again, it hasn't been as productive as I would have liked.

So here is your opportunity to get back to me. How am I doing? What was your favorite post out of the 500 I've written? What are my weaknesses? My strengths? Any subject you wish I would focus on more? Focus on less? Let it all out.

Improvement is my goal. And I'm hoping that with improvement I can get even more returning readers. THANKS EVERYONE!


24 December 2008

Coleen's Extra Baggage?

No, I'm not talking about her excess shopping bags. Maybe it's just a bad picture, but doesn't it look like she might be carrying a little extra weight in her face, perhaps in the chin area? I mean, you can't blame her around the holidays. A few too many mince pies and cookies? Or too much planning and preparing to make the time to go to the gym? Preggo maybe? (G to the AAAASP!) I won't pass too much judgment. Just making an observation.

Oh and by the way, the black suede Uggs are soooo 2006. Pull yourself together woman. And lose that character in the back with the bow tie while you're at it.

picture via Kickette

P.S. This is post #499 on my blog. (Massive amounts of applause and praise would be appreciated.)

Fabregas Needs Tending, Anyone?

I'm sure there are ladies standing in line to tend to the injured Spanish international. I swear footballers get photographed in crutches so we see them as these weak beings that need taking care of and constant attention. Selfish bastards. Smart move. They know all too well that we can't say no.

picture via Kickette

Portsmouth Punishment, New Level of Idiocy

Portsmouth players this season have had to endure the torture of driving the Reliant Robin home from training if they weren't the best performer on the side. Finally one player had had enough. Sean Davis pimped their ride, A-Team style.

Yeah Mr.T, I pity da' fool too.

pictures via dailymail and google images