24 December 2008

Coleen's Extra Baggage?

No, I'm not talking about her excess shopping bags. Maybe it's just a bad picture, but doesn't it look like she might be carrying a little extra weight in her face, perhaps in the chin area? I mean, you can't blame her around the holidays. A few too many mince pies and cookies? Or too much planning and preparing to make the time to go to the gym? Preggo maybe? (G to the AAAASP!) I won't pass too much judgment. Just making an observation.

Oh and by the way, the black suede Uggs are soooo 2006. Pull yourself together woman. And lose that character in the back with the bow tie while you're at it.

picture via Kickette

P.S. This is post #499 on my blog. (Massive amounts of applause and praise would be appreciated.)



Preggers? Possibly I suppose or else she's stopped working out since the wedding. I actually like her. Did I just type that? Do NOT like her hubby, but I do like her. She's sort of normal in some ways, like weight.

Misty Stiletto said...

I'm slightly worried at the thought of a baby Rooney? Would that not be the scariest f**king thing ever?? Let's hope it gets mamma's looks.