27 December 2008

Man City Crossbar Challenge

The Manchester City lads did a Christmas Crossbar Challenge. Although this is a video of their fun from their own telly channel, the challenge was also shown on Soccer AM in an abridged version.

Observations... Joe Hart is really attractive. Shaun Wright-Phillips is shrinking. Robinho's absence only convinces me further that he's embarrassed by his company.



Joe Hart *thud* and I don't even like blondes really. God he's lovely.

Misty Stiletto said...

Few things: I fall more in love with Joe Hart everytime I see him.

Kasper is growing up - woo hoo.

Ireland should wear that hat all the time.

Evans is looking good.

Man City look like a fun club.

And there is something worrying about SWP. Men shouldn't be that short.