20 December 2008

Big Day for Becks: AC Milan Introduction

David was introduced to AC Milan today at the San Siro by chief operating officer Adriano Galliani. He had a day of many fashions it seems, of course looking good in all of them.

Earlier in the day he was photographed leaving the training ground after his medical. Trainers, jeans, old man sweater, man scarf, aviators... casually sexy.

When he was introduced, he wore the AC Milan crested suit...formally sexy. I mean, seriously, what man doesn't look exceedingly attractive in a suit. Victoria looked lovely too in, what I'm sure is, one of her own designs. I could do without the gloves though.

Even his photocall pictures are seductive. I think it has something to do with red and black being naughty colors in my head, but he looks dirty, and I don't mean muddy.

"Come watch me play football at AC Milan. Then I'll take you back to my place and we can..." I'll leave the rest up to your own interpretation.

pictures via dailymail

Link: Becks - I Miss Top Football

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I mean how does this man look hot in EVERY picture?! I don't even LIKE blondes, but I love him. I truly love him. Having said that, I hope Inter and Fiorentina both destroy AC Milan when they next meet.