12 December 2008

Birthday Wishes: Agger and Warnock

Daniel Agger turns 24 today. Seeing that this might be his last birthday in Liverpool, I hope he makes the best of it. With Real Madrid and AC Milan both interested in the central defender, Agger is feeling more unsure of his future at Liverpool. Especially if he continues to spend more time on the bench than on the pitch. Maybe Madrid or Milan would suit better your rugged looks and propulsion for tattoos.

Steven Warnock, of the Blackburn Rovers, celebrates his birthday today as well. The former Liverpool academy grad turns 26 today.

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Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

Whenever Steve Warnock plays, I have a bit of a crush on him. And when he's playing against Bolton and my Kevin Davies...I think naughty boy sandwich thoughts.

happy birthday indeed!!