26 October 2007

Not Who Wore it Better... But Why in the First Place!

You know it’s a bad week when the two biggest WAGs of the north have been spotted in the same outfit, all be it in different colors, but none the less. Alex and Coleen do enough shopping to have different attire available once one of them beats them to the punch. And this is why all of you have mobiles and extensive social networking… to figure out who has worn what and to not make repeat offenses while looking like total tarts. No more matchy-matchy ladies. You are better than this, and after everyone called you role models. Such an utter disappointment.
alex in black coleen in red

15 October 2007

Bugger Off Boo Boys

england fans

OK, seriously… the booing of our own players needs to stop. I don’t care if they’re complete rubbish or a 2 time consecutive winner of the Fan’s Player of the Year. And the fact that there is no reasonable excuse for such childish and immature behavior only supports the point that it’s a useless gesture. Besides the fact that Frank Lampard is my favorite player, and that I’m a bit too connected to the issue, I can’t see a viable reason for booing a player on OUR side. After all the debate over goalkeepers, I don’t see anyone booing Robinson when he goes between the posts. I know I cringe every time the ball enters the penalty box (whether it’s a shot on goal or just a simple back pass). I shall desist my moaning now, but I think support of the entire team against Russia is important to the players and frankly, my sanity as well.

07 October 2007


frank lampard v portsmouth

Frank Lampard has returned to Chelsea for their game against Bolton! I didn't realize how much I missed him till he's back in beautiful thighness. Let's hope he can do well enough to start for England next week as well.

Ronaldo Releases a Picture Book...of Himself

cristiano ronaldo's book

Leave it to a footballer to write a book that contains more pictures of himself, than actual words. And leave it to Cristiano Ronaldo to be that footballer. What self-respecting footballer, or even human being creates a coffee-table autobiography? Seriously? And then he claims that’s its not an autobiography. Well I don’t know how the Portuguese define “autobiography,” but in my opinion this is a sad, sad attempt at one. I can understand maybe having some difficulty with words, seeing that he may struggle with English, but that’s what ghostwriters are for, am I right? I am truly appalled with his lackluster attempt at telling his story. He makes it obvious that there obviously isn’t much story there besides his good looks. Utterly disappointing.

I pray to God that this narcissistic behavior doesn’t catch on at United, because I don’t think I can put myself through 176 pages of staring at Wayne Rooney’s disturbingly freckled mug, or Carlos Tevez’s ghastly uni-brow.

Additional Moment of Narcissism: After getting a nasty gash in his head, which required stitches, during the game against Roma on Tuesday, Ronaldo stated, "It's not a problem," he said. "In four or five days I will be beautiful once again." Need I say more?