07 October 2007

Ronaldo Releases a Picture Book...of Himself

cristiano ronaldo's book

Leave it to a footballer to write a book that contains more pictures of himself, than actual words. And leave it to Cristiano Ronaldo to be that footballer. What self-respecting footballer, or even human being creates a coffee-table autobiography? Seriously? And then he claims that’s its not an autobiography. Well I don’t know how the Portuguese define “autobiography,” but in my opinion this is a sad, sad attempt at one. I can understand maybe having some difficulty with words, seeing that he may struggle with English, but that’s what ghostwriters are for, am I right? I am truly appalled with his lackluster attempt at telling his story. He makes it obvious that there obviously isn’t much story there besides his good looks. Utterly disappointing.

I pray to God that this narcissistic behavior doesn’t catch on at United, because I don’t think I can put myself through 176 pages of staring at Wayne Rooney’s disturbingly freckled mug, or Carlos Tevez’s ghastly uni-brow.

Additional Moment of Narcissism: After getting a nasty gash in his head, which required stitches, during the game against Roma on Tuesday, Ronaldo stated, "It's not a problem," he said. "In four or five days I will be beautiful once again." Need I say more?

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