20 August 2011

Awkward Family Photos: Kaka and Co.

This is not a joke...

Caroline, Kaka's lovely wife, posted this pearl on her Twitter account. Why, in god's name, would you get a drawing like this done when you're husband looks like this in real life...

I'm totally baffled.

pictures via twitter and Kickette

David Beckham is Having an Incredible Summer

He has a new baby girl. He's sporting a new "Harper" neck tattoo. LA Galaxy have a five point lead at the top of the Western Conference. And his bum looks like this...

Plus, he's getting to spend loads of time with his bestie mate date Gordon Ramsay.

And male-bonding with his boys. Precious!

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

Elen Rives with Luna and Isa in Miami

pictures via dailymail and Ballerazzi

Ice Cream for Sandford, Wayne Remains in Rover

I can just see how this went down..

Frankie: I want some ice cream.
Wayne: I'll pull over but I'm not getting out of the car.
Frankie: Fine, but I'm not bringing you anything.
Wayne: If you want to get back into the car, you'll bring me some.
Frankie: Ugh, you are so spoiled.
Wayne: You are so whipped. Go get my ice cream, lady.

pictures via dailymail

Beachside Beckhams Bump into Ancelotti

pictures via dailymail

Giggs and Stacey Mingling in Manchester

pictures via dailymail

Model Behaviour: Gerard Pique for Mango

pictures via Ballerazzi