20 August 2011

Ice Cream for Sandford, Wayne Remains in Rover

I can just see how this went down..

Frankie: I want some ice cream.
Wayne: I'll pull over but I'm not getting out of the car.
Frankie: Fine, but I'm not bringing you anything.
Wayne: If you want to get back into the car, you'll bring me some.
Frankie: Ugh, you are so spoiled.
Wayne: You are so whipped. Go get my ice cream, lady.

pictures via dailymail


Anonymous said...

I really feel bad for them. They can't even buy an ice cream without having their photographs clicked by some ******

Anonymous said...

Having said that, I'm really happy to finally see ONE footballer not being made to run around by his good-for-nothing WAG.

Way to go Wayne :)

ughh...all that fake tan on her is making me wanna puke.