29 February 2008

Disturbing Discoveries: Crazy Moms Love Purple Satin

spears in purple 2 elen in purple

The other night Britney Spears (a.k.a. Unfitney according to Perez Hilton) was spotted out to dinner with her dad in a purple satin dress. I remembered seeing a certain WAG in the same dress on a night out with Toni Poole and friends last fall. Miss Rives did a much more fashionable thing, combining the dress with a gorgeous pair of gold sparkling Christian Louboutin peep toes and a simple black clutch. But of course Britney chose to ruin the entire outfit by adding a furry black coat, brown bag, and aviator shades (at night). I find it disturbing beyond belief and can't help but laugh at Miss. Rives who must be devastated with embarrassment, even though she wore it MUCH earlier. (I give her that credit at least.) Seeing that I don't enjoy either one of these crazy characters, all I can do is laugh and pray it happens again.

spears in purple elen in purple 3 elen in purple 2

Could Elen Rives and Britney Spears be the new Mcloughlin-Curran copycat duo? Oh I hope so!


P.S. Does Elen Rives ever take a good picture?

15 February 2008

What Happens When Manager Look-Alikes Get Back to the Players

Apparently there are some pretty humorous nicknames floating around the Chelsea training ground as of late. According to sources at Cobham, youth players read a manager look-alike comparison in the Holloway Column, a BBC Sport supported editorial for Ian Holloway the Leicester City manager. Someone had wrote in pointing out:

Lut0nt0wn: "You want more manager lookalikes? How about this....Baron Greenback from Dangermouse, and Avram Grant.”

When word got to the senior lads of the physical resemblance between the gaffer and the Danger Mouse character, they couldn’t resist the compulsion to create a catchy moniker. “The Baron,” as the Chelsea lads have now titled Grant has now been leaping around training while carrying around a cane and wearing a yellow suit (Chelsea’s yellow tracksuits, but of course.)

Here is the evidence:
avram grant baron greenback
avram grant 2 baron greenback 2

You Decide...

Link: Baron Spell For Chelsea Boss

06 February 2008

WAGs on Holiday

coleen in barbados
While the Three Lions are working hard, a couple of their significant others have decided to take a holiday. Maybe they’re feeling slighted with Fabio’s request of no visitors to the team hotel, or maybe they need some R&R from their busy lives promoting perfumes and splashing cash at the Cricket Boutique. Coleen Mcloughin (Wayne Roooney) has decided to take a girls-only getaway to Barbados and Alex Curran (Steven Gerrard) has been laying about in Dubai with Claire Henry (Thierry Henry’s ex) and Jude Cisse (Djibril Cisse). At least they’re getting a real tan rather than faking it and looking like an oompa loopa.
alex in dubai

Wet and Wild WAGS II

Footie Wives Pack their WAGs

Headmaster Capello: No Golf and No Girls

fabio at kit launch

Fabio Capello laid down the law for the England players in the lead up to their friendly match with Switzerland today. Rules and regulations were announced during the first team meeting on Sunday night when the team arrived at the team hotel, The Grove, in Hertfordshire. Some of the gaffers requests include:

1. A ban on visitors, including agents and friends, from the team hotel in Hertfordshire.
2. Players must eat at the same table.
3. They have to be on time for meals.
4. No walking around in shorts and flip-flops. They must wear England track suits instead and suits and ties to games.
5. No mobile phones in public areas.
6. A ban on the 'PlayStation culture'.

And when asked about the usual golf outings on The Grove’s links, Fabio’s resonse was, "On Thursday they can play as much golf as they like.”

Personally I think a little kick in the ass is good for the Three Lions. Keeping egos in check may be more helpful to the team than actual training.

kit launch

Rules and Respect are the Buzz Words as Capello Seeks Winning Mentality

Capello Looks to Smell Team Spirit

Footballers are Idiots

I want to start a new section of my blog called “Footballers are Idiots.” I figured this would have ample material to produce entries. From just the past week I have accumulated four stories regarding footballers acting without thinking, or in some cases thinking more with one head rather than the other. I hope to continue with more entries regarding this theme, and I’m sure the footballers of the world will have plenty to provide.

CASE #1: Benjani Sleeps Through Departure of 2 Plane Flights Compromising £8m Deal with Man City
I think the headline says enough, but what boggles my mind even more is the fact that his agent, or whoever was in charge of the deal, didn’t somehow make sure he got his flight to Manchester. Was his phone off? Did no one think to call his mobile? Why wasn’t his agent with him on the flight? And in all these cases I would seriously rethink the choice of representation. Sven better have a plan for keeping this Zimbabwe international from sleeping through training and matches. Maybe a YTS boy designated specifically to wake him up everyday with persistent phone calls then visitations if the calls aren’t successful.

CASE #2: Jermain Defoe’s Indecisive Behavior: Bra Hats to Engagement?
shady jermaindanielle with ring
Last week is was released that Mr. Defoe had a mistress for over 7 years, expanding from before the times of Charlotte Mears and into his more current relationship with serial-WAG Danielle Lloyd. Although there was great disappointment for the couple, they decided to work through the issue. And less than a week later, Miss. Lloyd is spotted wearing a little extra sparkle on her engagement finger. Whether this is an actual engagement ring or not is unsure. Maybe this is merely a “commitment” ring. Either way I think Jermain has some thinking to do, especially with this supposed gesture. If you’re throwing rings around to just any girl, your definition of “commitment” might become slightly scewed.

CASE #3: Nicolas Anelka’s Cell Phone Pictures to Mistress… on his Wedding Day
nicolas anelka censored
What can I say about this seedy behavior, besides the fact that it’s repulsive and downright unacceptable? As if your mistress isn’t going to save all these pictures on her phone to boast to all her friends that she’s a WAG-in-waiting. There are only so many times that I can stand hearing about footballers sending girls naked pictures of themselves on their mobile only to have them show up in the papers the next week. Lets think before using advanced technology boys. Maybe you should all learn a lesson and not leave pictorial evidence to be compensated for monetarily once you leave the girl with a broken heart and a need for revenge. In the words of Shakespeare, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

CASE #4: Ashley Cole cheats of Cheryl: Pukes on Hairdresser Mid-Romp, But Finishes the Job
ashley and cheryl cole
Nothing a little mouthwash can’t solve, right? WRONG! What a deplorable mess Mr. Cole has gotten himself into. Sordid stories of payoffs and impregnation have found Ash a victim of every woman in the life of Mrs. Cole. And what a powerful list of women that is. Her Girls Aloud posse has expressed their discontent with the reports of Ashley’s behavior and Victoria Beckham’s name has been moved up on Cheryl’s speed dial list with her experience in dealing with dangerous mistresses (a.k.a. Rebecca Loos). Mr. Cole is in a rough situation with so many powerful women so close to his wife’s ear. Karma’s a bitch.
What I take issue with is the fact that the tabloid stories have kept Ashley away from training at Cobham. He’s missed a couple training sessions and 2 games due to “personal issues.” When your playing around affects your game, it’s time to quit playing the field and commit yourself to the one woman who tolerates your inability to cook.