06 February 2008

Headmaster Capello: No Golf and No Girls

fabio at kit launch

Fabio Capello laid down the law for the England players in the lead up to their friendly match with Switzerland today. Rules and regulations were announced during the first team meeting on Sunday night when the team arrived at the team hotel, The Grove, in Hertfordshire. Some of the gaffers requests include:

1. A ban on visitors, including agents and friends, from the team hotel in Hertfordshire.
2. Players must eat at the same table.
3. They have to be on time for meals.
4. No walking around in shorts and flip-flops. They must wear England track suits instead and suits and ties to games.
5. No mobile phones in public areas.
6. A ban on the 'PlayStation culture'.

And when asked about the usual golf outings on The Grove’s links, Fabio’s resonse was, "On Thursday they can play as much golf as they like.”

Personally I think a little kick in the ass is good for the Three Lions. Keeping egos in check may be more helpful to the team than actual training.

kit launch

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