30 October 2008

Coleen Goes Tanning...

coleen tanning 2
This isn't really news. But I thought in comparison, she and her hubs might want to trade appointments. (Wazza, if you're going to cut your hair that short then make sure you can't see the difference between the color of your scalp and that of your forehead.)
coleen tanningwayne new hair
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Westfield, The Mecca

westfield 2

Oh yes, it's calling me.

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WAG Alert: Ladies at TV Awards

cheryl at tv awardsclancey at TV awardsgemma at tv awards
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29 October 2008

You Like Apples?...

1. Frank Lampard (3')
chelsea v hull

2. Nicolas Anelka (50')
anelka v hull

3. Florent Malouda (75')
Malouda v Hull


I wasn't really concerned, but after the third minute, I knew we weren't messing around.

lampard v hull
Yes Frank. Come here and give me a hug!

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Hull v. Chelsea: Nausea and Such

chelsea lads post liverpool
I'm feeling a little nervous about this game today. There have been few positive remarks made in the days since Sunday, both personally and in the media, to lead me to believe that we are at all prepared for Hull City. But contrary to that, I know we can absolutely annihilate them. And frankly, the more people that tell me Hull are going to beat Chelsea, the more I think Chelsea are going to surprise everyone. (That and I am also compelled to punch those Hull advocates in the face.) I don't like to be told what to expect. No one knows what's going to happen, unless perhaps you have E.S.P. or if you're a gypsy fortune teller. (Both incredibly unlikely.) So don't go around vaunting that you have the ability to predict the future, it just makes you look like a total nutter, and makes me want to punch you in the face. (Sorry, my nerves make me volatile.)

Cheryl Cole Shops With Designer

cheryl and stylist
Matthew Williamson gave the Girls Aloud member and X Factor judge some guidance on what to buy from his wonderful new fall/winter range at his boutique in London. Williamson had been a stylist for Girls Aloud in the past, and apparently Cheryl liked what he did and decided to take him on at a more personal level.

Let this be a word of advice. To those WAGs who deem themself above getting assistance with their wardrobe (You know who you are), even the best look for fashion counsel.

cheryl with stylist 2cheryl with stylist 3

Frankie Goes Vintage

frank at auction 2
Before heading to training, Frank Lampard was caught eyeing a red 1963 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder, worth somewhere between £3,000,000-£3,600,000, at an exclusive car auction in London. Even though he already owns a gorgeous, bright-blue Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Lampsy is apparently looking to go the route of a more vintage model.
frank at auction
Perhaps it's a Christmas present, or perchance he remembered that my birthday is coming up in February.

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london in snow
Can you think of anything more beautiful than London coated in snow? Probably. But it has been absolutely breath-taking.
london in snow 2london in snow 3

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Maradona New Argentina Boss?


It looks like Diego Maradona is going to be named the new gaffer for the Argentinian National Team. But how successful can he actually be? I suppose as long as he stays clean and sober his mental stability will improve. And although he's the country's icon, is it possible that he can win the World Cup? The players he has are spectacular, but does he have the capabilities to get them to be successful. I'm not so sure. Before I place judgment, I'm going to wait and see them in action under the new boss.

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Link: Appointment of Diego Maradona as Argentina Manager Makes Sense

Fabregas: Spurs Worse Than Ladies

cesc fabregas spursarsenal ladies
Cesc Fabregas has stated to the media that the Arsenal Ladies team could at least take a point from the Tottenham Hotspurs if they were to play them this week instead of the lads. A bit harsh here Cesc. I recommend you let your playing do the talking and leave the ladies out of this.

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Link: Spurs Have Cocked Up

28 October 2008

Elen Needs to Stay Inside

elen and luna walking
What do you say to a woman who thinks it appropriate to wear maternity pants, sandals, and socks whilst dawning a bedazzled phone at the age of 31?


Frank, seriously. Dump her and date me OR hire her a stylist so that I don't have to keep looking at something so awful and wonder how much better I would be doing if I were in the same position.

Luna, you're as precious as ever dahling!

elen and luna walking 2

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Oh Captain, My Captain: Terry’s 10 Year Anniversary

jt debut 2jt v roma
On this day, ten years ago, John Terry made his first team appearance for Chelsea in a Worthington Cup, third round tie with Aston Villa. The 17-year-old was put on after the club went up 4-1 with a hat trick from player/manager Gianluca Vialli and a goal from Flo. The young player impressed in his debut and came on again on Boxing Day against Southampton and made his full debut on the 2nd day of the New Year.
jt debut
This was the beginning of the career of the most successful captain in the club’s history.


Link: It Was 10 Years Ago Today

Victoria Goes Casual for Soccer Mom Gig

victoria soccer momvictoria soccer mom 2
Unlike her extravagant outfit back in September, Victoria chose to go karma casual to Brooklyn’s pee-wee match. Her sporty tee proclaiming “What Comes Around, Goes Around.” (Interesting sentiment. I wonder who that’s directed towards?) She’s the only person I know who can pull off those baggie boyfriend jeans so flawlessly.

victoria soccer mom 3victoria soccer mom 4
Wait a minute. Are those flip-flops she’s in? Maybe she’s sick or something. Or perhaps it’s a sign of the apocalypse.

Freddie Ljungberg to Seattle Sounders

freddie ljungberg in seattle
The former Swedish international and West Ham drop-out will be looking to sign a £12.8 million, two-year deal with the newly created Seattle Sounders club in the MLS. His move will be confirmed today during a scheduled press conference at the club’s headquarters. Ljungberg looks to be enjoying his time in Washington state. He told Expressen, the Swedish tabloid how much he’s enjoying his time in Seattle:

"I like it here, this feels great. It's perfect, I love it here and this feels great."

We get it. You’re playing football. Yay. I’m sure the excessive rain and Starbucks on every corner are not that much different than London life anyway.

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Link: Ljungberg confirms MLS move

UPDATE: Yeah it's official.
freddie ljungberg signs seattle
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Ashley and Cheryl to Renew Vows

ash and cheryl out
After a rough year between the two tabloid favorites, the Cole’s are looking toward the future and want to renew their vows in a secret ceremony after the New Year. Unlike their £1million, celebrity-packed wedding at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire two years ago, Ashley and Cheryl want to make this ceremony more intimate. But with Ashley back on the pitch for Chelsea (to no avail, stupid Liverpool) and Cheryl busy filming X Factor and promoting the new Girls Aloud album, the couple look to be waiting until early next year to refresh their vows.

This is a step in the right direction for these two. Get your relationship in order before comitting to creating life. (Hubs before Bubs.)

Link: Cheryl and Ashley Cole 'Planning to Renew their Wedding Vows after X Factor'

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Birthday Wishes: Newcastle Duo Share Cake

Photobucketmartins bday

Obafemi Martins (24) and Alan Smith (28) share a birthday today at St. James Park. Maritns will be looking to score big on his b-day to end his pitiful goal drought. Smudger is still out with an injured foot. Hopefully he'll be back in the new year. Good luck with that.


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27 October 2008

Frank Lampard: Teammates on Soccer AM

Someone must have been feeling slightly self-absorbed when they were filming this. Lampsy answered with himself for four of the eight categories, all be it most of them were self-deprecating. Frank dubs himself the co-slowest player (with JT), the biggest moaner (at home with the "missus"... ew), and the worst dancer (which I can't imagine). Although he does also name himself as most intelligent, but only because he got an A-level in Latin. Well you get a gold star then for not being a complete and utter moron. (I'm overflowing in sarcasm today.)

Personal Wager: He says Didier Drogba is the longest in the shower, but I’d put my money on JT in that category. If you know what I mean.

David Beckham Escapes Speeding Ticket

beckham gets ticket
Advantages of Being a Celebrity #2335: The ability to escape a speeding ticket with a mere swipe of a self-endorsed sharpie. (Rat bastard.)
beckham gets ticket 2
He should pay like the rest of us. Over-privileged pr**k.

victoria waits
Victoria waited patiently to get back on the road in her matching white Porsche 911, while blocking traffic at the very same time.
matching porches
It's ok, nobody else wanted to go anywhere either.

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Sabrina Keogh Bids Jermaine Jenas Adieu

sabrina and jermaine
In other relationship news, the baby mama to Jermaine Jenas’ little 11-month-old bubba, Sancha Natasha, has left him over his unacceptable football star behavior. The former career woman quit her job in order to take on motherhood. But rather than spending time with his only daughter, Jermaine seems to have his mates over more often than not.

His mates weren’t the only issue I bet. I’m predicting he became inconsolable after Tottenham’s current state of affairs and ranking on the Premier League table. The constant weeping and uncontrollable sobbing probably became too much. I'm going to make the assumption that Sabrina was sick of babying Jermaine more than Sancha.

picture via The Sun

Link: Even Spurs WAGs Pack Their Bags

Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent, Engaged

atkinson and bent
After difficult relationships with Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Smith, Gemma concluded to stick to lower profile ballers to reduce the likeliness of getting dumped and looking like an absolute idiot. She must be thrilled with her decision because she’s now engaged to Marcus Bent of Birmingham City. He proposed while the two took a holiday to the romantic Lake District. He did the whole down on one knee thing (vomit) then unleashed the £83,000 diamond ring (much better).

I’m in no mood to discuss romantics, but I’m glad she’s found someone who won’t treat her like she’s just a pair of t*ts.

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Link: Gemma Atkinson Engaged to Marcus Bent

Still Recovering…

I will openly admit that I had a fantastic holiday weekend to my university for an alumni event. But alas it was all brought down to a crashing halt when Chelsea didn’t perform as well as I wished they would or knew they could against Liverpool. (Many tissues were used and scotch consumed in my depressive circumstances last evening.) Fair warning, Monday hangovers are much worse than those of thirsty Thursdays or weekend adventures. There’s so little time to recuperate.

At first I was angry, but then I resorted to my normal behavioral pattern. I’m a huge aficionada of denial. It’s how I cope with difficult situations. So I’m avoiding everything involving the game yesterday. I’ll be sticking to snarky, cruel comments about everyone and everything else on the planet. I’m not totally broken.

24 October 2008

Birthday Wishes; Happy 23rd Wayne!

It's Wayne Rooney's birthday today.
wayne rooney bday
As a gift to the birthday boy I promise not to bash him for 24 hours. But I can't promise anything.

Liverpool Fashion Week Fall '08: Cricket Show

alex and coleen front row
The WAGs were out in full force last night parading around Liverpool and requesting champagne refills from the front row of the fashion week premiere. Former besties, Alex Gerrard and Coleen Roooney, seem to be rekindling their friendship after Alex and Stevie chose not to go to the Rooney's £5 million wedding in the south of France. Champagne and fashion, I suppose, would leave any WAG in a mood of forgiveness.
claudine palmer LivFWalex gerrard LivFW
New arrival to the Liverpool camp, Claudine Palmer was also in attendance, sporting a gorgeous Herve Leger bandage dress. She definately impressed compared to the dowdy fashions of Mrs. Gerrard. (Those pants should be burned at the stake.)
coleen rooney LivFWlisa carrick LivFW
Coleen looks fabulous in her simple dress and seems to be playing it cool with the animal rights protestors that were picketting outside the show. With a bit of class, Coleen chose to bring along her mom, who sat beside her in the front row. While the rest of Col's entourage had to settle for the second row. Lisa Carrick arrived looking like a more mature version of the other WAGs, in a respectable blouse and skirt with a trendy leather belt and awesome ankle boots.
front row LivFW

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