03 October 2008

Friday Randoms: Dates, Play Dates, Rugby and Secret Aliases

romeo, victoria, cruz
Victoria Beckham, whilst on a play date with Gwen Stefani and son Kingston, wore an awesome retro Madonna t-shirt, baggy jeans, Birkin bag and dVb aviators. I almost like her more when she dresses like a normal human being.

Find your perfect match at FootballFanFinder. It’s a dating site for football fans! BRILLIANT!

Didier Drogba will be facing only a month out rather than a much longer recovery as originally expected. He suffered no ligament damage during the game against Cluj midweek, and is looking to be back by November after recovering from a badly twisted knee and ankle. But this still leaves Chelsea with just ONE experienced striker, Nicolas Anelka. Lets hope he can keep playing like he has been and not relapse to his performances of last season.

coleen and wayne in cab
According to popbitch, Coleen Rooney books cabs under the name Jane Aspinall.

Joe Kinnear doesn’t know how to talk to the press. And I don’t think his vocabulary extends far beyond c**t and f**k. (If you read the transcript closely, he curses 52 times.) Oh, and I think he might be illiterate.

danny cipriani for wasps
Danny Cipriani
is back for the Wasps, and his super-supportive girlfriend, Kelly Brook was there to cheer him on. He’s looking good in those shorts.

pictures via dailymail, google images, and jamd

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