29 October 2008

Fabregas: Spurs Worse Than Ladies

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Cesc Fabregas has stated to the media that the Arsenal Ladies team could at least take a point from the Tottenham Hotspurs if they were to play them this week instead of the lads. A bit harsh here Cesc. I recommend you let your playing do the talking and leave the ladies out of this.

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Link: Spurs Have Cocked Up


No name brand said...

Might I add that I am actually offended by this? I'm really not enjoying Fabregas recently - and it's not just because of the hair. These quotes show two things:
a) He's arrogant
b) He's sexist/masochistic

Firstly, no team should ever underestimate another team (and I could remind him that we lost 5-1 to Spurs last season) and seeing as this is being said in retrospect, I know that they drew 4-4 so his comments are out of order.

Secondly, he says that even the women's team can beat Spurs like they're lower class and can't take on male opposition. That's just appalling. I know girls who literally play better than he does but just haven't decided to make a career of their talents. It's just disgusting to degrade women like that.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of mentality is this?
He is a big jerk.
He has got a small brain and big mouth.