17 October 2008

England Squad is Being Awfully Presumptuous

I seem to have forgotten my E.S.P. in my other handbag, but apparently the England squad is feeling comfortable enough to tempt fate, and predict that they will qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. DailyMail is reporting that the lads have already chosen their home base in tournament. Awfully presumptuous, in my opinion.

Pezula 5
The Pezula Resort Hotel and Spa is located in the coastal town of Knysna. The resort website boasts of many luxuries:

Pezula 2Pezula 4
"Set on a stunning award-winning private estate, known for its dramatic scenery, sweeping fynbos landscapes and ancient indigenous forests, the hotel has breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, the Knysna Lagoon and the Outeniqua Mountains.
Pezula 3Pezula 7
With its gourmet cuisine, sumptuous accommodation, world-class spa, championship golf course and vast range of outdoor activities, the hotel offers guests an essentially African experience in a relaxed environment."
Pezula 5
Yeah, relaxed until the paparazzi and WAGs invade. With classy spas and plenty of activites in which to get involved (horseback riding, helicopter rides, scuba diving, golfing, tennis, swimming, paintball and shark cages), the WAGs could have a thrilling holiday with much adventure. But I can't imagine them stepping out in hiking boots instead of a pair of Manolo Blahniks. And at first glance, there's absolutely no shopping listed on their site, so perhaps the WAGs will be based somewhere closer to civilization (a.k.a. deisgner boutiques). I guess we will just have to wait and see.
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No name brand said...

OMW I live there! Okay, exaggeration. I live an hour's drive away from Knysna. The one thing I'm really psyched about for this World Cup is the fact that I'll actually get to see all these players in the flesh. Awesome. I wish it were Spain that was staying close to me... like 20 mins away at the Arabella near the V&A but England will just have to do.

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Kickette Reunion HQ for WC2010? I'm feeling it!

No name brand said...

You gonna be in South Africa for 2010? Wow, I can't believe I'll believe I'll 17 years old then... Woah, I'm getting old.