27 October 2008

Gemma Atkinson and Marcus Bent, Engaged

atkinson and bent
After difficult relationships with Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Smith, Gemma concluded to stick to lower profile ballers to reduce the likeliness of getting dumped and looking like an absolute idiot. She must be thrilled with her decision because she’s now engaged to Marcus Bent of Birmingham City. He proposed while the two took a holiday to the romantic Lake District. He did the whole down on one knee thing (vomit) then unleashed the £83,000 diamond ring (much better).

I’m in no mood to discuss romantics, but I’m glad she’s found someone who won’t treat her like she’s just a pair of t*ts.

picture via dailymail

Link: Gemma Atkinson Engaged to Marcus Bent

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Anonymous said...

well done pal you canhave the high profile players leftovers you can bang her all you want because 10 or more guys done that before you lol