14 October 2008

Roque Santa Cruz Hints at City Switch

roque santa cruz
After signing a four-year deal back in August, the Blackburn striker seemed to quell rumors of moving to a larger club after a successful season with the Rovers. But alas, this is the Premier League, and really anyone is open game for transfers, especially when Manchester City is involved. Roque told radio station Primero de Marzo:

“Manchester City is a team that has a very important financial support that is getting prepared for winning the title. I am very happy at Blackburn but I like the idea of playing for a team that will be fighting for important objectives. I will keep on doing what I do at Blackburn but if the coach of Manchester City is interested in me I would like to join Robinho in that team. He is a wonderful player and I would like to play next to him."

Well that’s a bit of contradiction to your actions there buddy.

Link: Santa Cruz in City Hint

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