29 October 2008

Hull v. Chelsea: Nausea and Such

chelsea lads post liverpool
I'm feeling a little nervous about this game today. There have been few positive remarks made in the days since Sunday, both personally and in the media, to lead me to believe that we are at all prepared for Hull City. But contrary to that, I know we can absolutely annihilate them. And frankly, the more people that tell me Hull are going to beat Chelsea, the more I think Chelsea are going to surprise everyone. (That and I am also compelled to punch those Hull advocates in the face.) I don't like to be told what to expect. No one knows what's going to happen, unless perhaps you have E.S.P. or if you're a gypsy fortune teller. (Both incredibly unlikely.) So don't go around vaunting that you have the ability to predict the future, it just makes you look like a total nutter, and makes me want to punch you in the face. (Sorry, my nerves make me volatile.)

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Jackie said...

Stay strong, Blair! Good to hear that Joe Cole is back!