16 October 2008

Alex and Lexie: Shop n' Cruise

alex and lexiealex and lexie 2
Alex Gerrard stepped out for a bit of Cricket shopping with her youngest, Lexie, much to the delight of paparazzi and Liverpool citizens. (Probably more the former than latter.) Lexie is looking precious in gray tights and a frilly pink shirt, with ruffles no less. She is her mother's daughter, you know. Her mother also taught her to accessorize with what appears to be a High School Musical pink shoulder bag. ADORABLE!
alex and BMW
Alex looks awesome in this slender blue top and slimming black jeans, but I could do without the fringed handbag. (You're not from Texas, you don't have a motorcycle and we're not in the seventies.) But I must admit that her most appealing accessory is her new BMW X6, which, as I predicted, is very fitting for the family of four who doesn't really have a budget. (Credit crunch?... is that a new cereal?)
alex in BMW

pictures via dailymail

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