28 October 2008

Ashley and Cheryl to Renew Vows

ash and cheryl out
After a rough year between the two tabloid favorites, the Cole’s are looking toward the future and want to renew their vows in a secret ceremony after the New Year. Unlike their £1million, celebrity-packed wedding at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire two years ago, Ashley and Cheryl want to make this ceremony more intimate. But with Ashley back on the pitch for Chelsea (to no avail, stupid Liverpool) and Cheryl busy filming X Factor and promoting the new Girls Aloud album, the couple look to be waiting until early next year to refresh their vows.

This is a step in the right direction for these two. Get your relationship in order before comitting to creating life. (Hubs before Bubs.)

Link: Cheryl and Ashley Cole 'Planning to Renew their Wedding Vows after X Factor'

pictures via dailymail

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Anonymous said...

good idea . its a way for ashley to apologise for all the things hes done to poor Cheryl.
they should get their life back on track!



(im 11)