29 March 2009

Summer Bikini Baby Bump: Coleen Rooney

So it was revealed this weekend that Coleen Rooney is three months pregnant. I'm sure she's been shopping the maternity circuit for all the hottest summer trends. Plus raiding Lisa Carrick's and Alex Gerrard's closets no doubt.

The fashion forward WAG will be looking ravishing this summer on a beach somewhere with a bikini bump and Wayne close by. Congrats to the Rooneys.

Side Note: Seeing that Coleen's mum's name is Collette, I wonder if you can make another derivative of that? Coleena? Coleenette? Colizzle Roonizzle? So many options!

pictures via dailymail

25 March 2009

Preseason Footie in the U.S.

World Football Challenge is bringing Club America, Inter Milan, Chelsea, and AC Milan to do a tour of matches around the U.S. in July for a preseason. Schedule and tickets can be found here.

(I've already ordered my tickets for the Baltimore match between AC Milan and Chelsea. Making a mini-break of it and all! I'M DOWNRIGHT GIDDY!)

Arsenal Step Out, Fittingly

Inspired by Michael Jackson's return to London, Nicklas Bendtner chose to wear a scarf from MJ's Thriller video circa 1982. Didn't realize he appreciated 80's pop culture so much. Who knew?

William Gallas looked his usual garishness, while at the other end of the lurid scale, Cesc Fabregas was his usual ho-hum. And Gael Clichy was... welll, predictably French.

Separated at Birth: Lord Triesman and Ben Stein

Chairman of the FA or the guy who played the teacher from Ferris Beuller's Day Off?

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'09-'10 Chelsea Kit Leaked

Please god, no. I pray that this is just a prototype. Was it modeled after Robo-Cop's armor, maybe Terminator's? There is definitely work to be done here. I mean, I suppose the seams on the chest might accentuate the pectorals (Frank's and Bally's especially), but I say it needs something more around the color and loose the seam below the Samsung. But then again, I'm just one of the little people.

Also, Chelsea, what the f**k. Releasing ANOTHER home kit? Bastards leaching my hard earned cash.

picture via The Spoiler

Abbey Clancy Gets Sloshed at Zuma

I love how human WAGs can seem when they're pissed and stumbling in the street. Well besides them also being snapped by paparazzi and then having their pictures show up in the rags the next day. Oh, the life.

At least she can still have a laugh.

pictures via The Sun

Downgrade: Bridgey at Triangle

No footballer should ever have to stoop so low as to go to a shopping centre. From scanning the boutiques on high street in London, to riding escalators on his mobile in the Triangle shopping centre, Wayne Bridge has drastically downgraded his shopping profile. Seriously? A footballer should never shop anywhere that has a store which caters specifically to "big boobed" women. Ok, well that actually might be sort of fitting, but tacky none the less. Maybe he's talking to Rio to find out where he goes shopping.

picture via Kickette

Keeping Tabs on the Beckhams

Victoria is back in LA. She arrived at LAX on the 14th looking abfab in her sleek black dress and jacket, purple Birkin bag and token Louboutins.

David was shirtless in Milan this weekend and is now in London training with the England squad ahead of their game against Slovakia this weekend.

The boys were babysat by Katie Holmes on Monday, or at least Romeo and Cruz were. Apparently Victoria had a falling out with Mama Becks and had to ask Katie to watch the little ones at the last minute.

pictures via WAGs International, Kickette, and dailymail

18 March 2009

Ballers Stay-at-Home Dads?

I suppose some might think footballers, with their lax schedule, have many opportunities to spend time with their little ones in comparison with those parents who have normally scheduled jobs. But perhaps their away trips and promotional appointments take up more of their time than we think. I guess it comes down to how much time they actually ARE at home. What do you think?

pictures via Kickette here and here

Coleen Rooney's Rug-Coat

What in god's name was she thinking. I don't know whether to take her jacket and burn it or throw it on the floor at my side of the bed. (Because we all know setting your feet on that first thing in the morning would be pure heaven.) Or maybe it's an expensive doggie bed.

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

David Beckham = Lady Magnet... Duh

I don't know what the big deal is. Becks attended the Anema E Core Cancer Research gala dinner in Milan on Monday night and lady were constantly at his table, while he sat there and talked to them. As long as he kept his goldenballs in his tight little tuxedo pants, I don't see the issue here. This isn't news. This is simply reporting the obvious.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

FC Barcelona Visits Philadelphia Franchise

Barcelona president, Juan LaPorta, visited the site of Philadelphia's stadium (model pictured below) in Chester, PA on February 28th. After MLS pulled the plug on the efforts the club was making to form a franchise in Miami, FC Barcelona is exploring other possibilities in the American league. The Philadelphia franchise is looking to strengthen their ownership group and if Barcelona were to join them, it would not just be an excellent financial partner, but it would also be great advertisement for the seriousness of the club.

Personal Note: Dear MLS Franchise in Philadelphia. Please hire me to write for your club. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Blair (MRWF)

Link: FC Barcelona Looks at Philly MLS Stake

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Weekend Observations: Premier League Kisses

Robinho and Michael Ballack leaned in for some x's.

While Steven Gerrard preferred an inanimate object...

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

It's Spring (or soonish), Posh Wears Color

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This Explains So Much...

It seems that Cristiano's obsession with tight clothes is hereditary. Her choices there are so wrong on so many levels. Ugh.

That's right, C-Ron. I dissed yo mama, whatchu gonna do about it?

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12 March 2009

Xisco: Questionable Sexuality

The invisible Newcastle striker (yeah it's pretty sad when Michael Owen has more appearances than you) was on holiday recently and some incriminating photos have been released.

He's down with moob-groping...

Is that a midget or a miniature gay man?

Other men like to give him tongue.

He kisses men in big pink clown glasses. (Can you say Elton John?)

Oh wow...

Is this considered a three-way?

pictures via Footballboners

Birthday Wishes: The Day of Lesser-Known Siblings

Tobias Schweinsteiger (26) SpVgg Unterhaching (older brother of Bastian Schweinsteiger, above right)

Bradley Wright-Phillips (23) Southampton and England (younger brother of Shaun Wright-Phillips, above right)

Ramiro Corrales (31) San Jose Earthquakes and United States

Chris Seitz (21) Real Salt Lake

pictures via google images