11 March 2009

Frank Lampard Taps New Market

So Frank is taking advantage of his newly found status of singleton and has already pulled a new interest. Above, is the hottest new bachelor pictured dining with Saskia Boxford, daughter of a wealthy financier and employed at Kara Ross, an accessories company. Not surprisingly, she's a whopping 23 years old, 7 years Frank's junior.

The two have been spotting all over town in the past week or two enjoying each others company at various restaurants, bars, and clubs. Oh, and usually the evening ends at her flat. Classy mate. (Two words: Rebound Girl)

She's definitely gorgeous, and she can dress herself, it seems, without looking like a total nutter. But I'm slightly disturbed by her tiny, very surprised eye brows. Maybe Frank likes his ladies looking constantly shocked.

Elen is now staying in a hotel in West London while she prepares to move into her new home located near the couple's old home.

pictures via News of the World and The Mirror


Anonymous said...

im just curious.. why is the pic of that little girl's face beside elen got blurred? and i've seen it in some other pic of some other little girl.. can anyone tell me why?

Anonymous said...

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