18 March 2009

FC Barcelona Visits Philadelphia Franchise

Barcelona president, Juan LaPorta, visited the site of Philadelphia's stadium (model pictured below) in Chester, PA on February 28th. After MLS pulled the plug on the efforts the club was making to form a franchise in Miami, FC Barcelona is exploring other possibilities in the American league. The Philadelphia franchise is looking to strengthen their ownership group and if Barcelona were to join them, it would not just be an excellent financial partner, but it would also be great advertisement for the seriousness of the club.

Personal Note: Dear MLS Franchise in Philadelphia. Please hire me to write for your club. Thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Blair (MRWF)

Link: FC Barcelona Looks at Philly MLS Stake

pictures via google images


Unknown said...

I so wish the actual water in the Delaware was that blue...stupid computer imaging ;)

Anonymous said...

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