02 March 2009

Melanie Slade Lands Bit Part in Harry Potter Film

Theo Walcott has hooked his girl up with a nice two-line role in the upcoming Harry Potter film, Deathly Hollows: Part One. Walcott's aunt, Yvonne, is the partner of the film's director, David Yates. Melanie will be appearing in a scene with Emma Watson who plays Hermione Granger in the film series. The scene is set during a quidditch match, and Slade will be playing a friend of Hermione's.

Seeing that the film isn't going to be released until 2010, I will be patiently awaiting her film debut. Hope she's not utter rubbish fabulous.


Malin said...

Wow. That surely is interesting, since there ARE NO quidditch games in the Deathly Hallows. How did they fix that?

Jenna said...

Quidditch is probably the movies biggest merchandise seller, so of course somehow they have to fit it in. :-) Perhaps they went to such great lengths as to have Harry, Ron and Hermionie go BACK to Hogwarts, watch Quidditch, get abducted by Voldemort, then escape somewhere convenient where they can continue the story line. lol