31 August 2010

26 August 2010

Pepe Reina Fancies Himself a Godfather

With those biceps, I'll call you whatever you'd like me to.

picture via Kickette

Mario Balotelli is Just a Big Kitty Lover

Underneath that rebellious, harsh exterior, I'm guessing Mario is just a big ole softie. I bet he smells like cotton candy, watches romantic comedies and enjoys a daily bubble bath. Ooooo... and he likes to spoon too.

I'm onto you...

picture via dailymail

Yoann Gourcuff Signs with Lyon

For some lovely pictures of his medical and a video of his travels to Lyon, check out Kickette.

pictures via reuters/daylife

Abbey Clancy Keeps Herself Busy

She's been wearing those shoes again. No bloody clue, why...

And grocery shopping. And appearing on TV again, with this bloke. Well played, Abbey.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Irina and Cristiano at Spain-USA Basketball Game

It was a double date with his sister, I believe. Not exactly romantic.

pictures via zimbio and Goaly Moly

Coleen Rooney at the V Festival

Coleen's rain boots are Jimmy Choo for Hunter. Aren't they some seriously fabulous festival fashion!?

pictures via LOOK and dailymail

As If I Need a Reason to Post Pictures of Frank Lampard

No real reason. Just for your ogling pleasure, I suppose.

pictures via contactmusic.com

Cheryl Cole's 2011 Calendar Shots Leaked





No wonder she's knackered... (Well that, and the malaria.)

pictures via ONTD (has all months)

Rooneys Have Lunch, Get Parking Violation

Well done. Lose track of time? Excuses, excuses...

pictures via dailymail

Beckhams Holiday in Santa Barbara with The Ramsays

Victoria broke her cardinal rule of never wearing trainers.... Could this be the end of the world as we know it?

pictures via dailymail and The Sun