27 August 2009

ELLE's A/W 2009 Accessories Report

They have everything! It's amazing and fabulous and you absolutely must check it out!

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Stephen Ireland Celebrates Birthday

The couple were in Manchester City Centre to celebrate Stephen's birthday. The question you all should be asking is... Does Jessica Lawlor have anything on under that jacket? My suspicion is, no. Now that's what I call a birthday celebration Mr. Ireland...

picture via Kickette

Chelsea Hold Open Training

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David Beckham in America

He's wearing a Yankees cap and owns an American flag towel... could be be anymore stereotypical?

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Chelsea Guy-Love: Didier and JT

After JT said something about how fabulous Didier is and how glad he was that Drogba resigned for the club...

Didier responded with a cutesy face whilst giving JT a nice little back of the head rub. It was freaking adorable.

pictures via sky sports video

Victoria and Romeo at Heathrow

Victoria and Romeo were in London celebrating Romeo's 7th birthday a little early. (It's on the 1st of September.) They went to see the West End show, Jersey Boys, on Saturday Night. I don't know who looks more tired here, Victoria or Romeo?

pictures via dailymail

Carly Zucker to Work Hard for the Money

Carly Zucker is going to continue working, since marrying Chelsea winger, Joe Cole. She reconsidered her original thoughts of quitting and spending more time Cole. But this way she has her own money to buy him birthday and Christmas presents. Atta girl, Cary! I'm assuming modeling jobs will be included in your "work" program, no?

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Steven Gerrard Being Sued

Even though he was cleared of affray charges, Gerrard is now being sued by DJ, Marcus McGee over the bust-up last December. He's suing six of Gerrard's friends who were present at The Inn Lounge that evening as well. McGee was quoted as saying:

"I've got dental bills and legal fees arising from what happened. But, more importantly, I don't think that justice was properly served. I still can't believe that they all walked free - that they effectively got away with beating me up."

I think someone needs a hug.

picture via The Telegraph

Wayne Rooney Nike Advert

My question is: Wouldn't it have been more productive if he had shaved his chest?

Just a thought...

pictures via The Sun

Frank Lampard Loses Pants

Ok, so I may have given you false hopes with that headline. It was really just a bit, but still enough for me to A.) feel the need to make fun of hm a bit and B.) also be slightly turned on by the abnormal exposure of skin. Nobody wants to see your coin slot there, mate. (Well besides me, and probably a few other thousand million females.)

Oh by the way, nice watch Frankie!

picture via Kickette

Alex Gerrard at Chester Racecourse

Crazy face included...

pictures via Kickette and WAGs International

Rooneys Host Creepy Baby Party

They had a baby scan party. A medical professional came to their home for £300 and used a 4D ultrasound scanning machine in order to make a movie of the little Rooney for friends and family to see live. Guests departed with a souvenir DVD, which included still pictures as well. So... incredibly... creepy.

The picture above is NOT little Roo. Just an example.

pictures via dailymail and google images

Calum Davenport Stabbed at Mum's Home

Calum Davenport, 26, was critically injured after being stabbed seven times in both legs in the early morning on Saturday in Bedford outside his mother's house. One of the stab wounds had nicked his femoral artery, which caused him to lose half of the blood in his body. He was taken by ambulance to Bedford Hospital where he underwent surgery in an attempt to save his legs. There are still fears that he may never play football again. He is currently under serious but stable condition. His mother, Kim Stupple, 49, was also injured in the incident.

The police have arrested Worrell Whitehurst for the attack. Whitehurst is the boyfriend of Davenport's pregnant sister, Cara. The incident apparently happened in response to a dispute between Davenport and Whitehurst on Friday night. Calum doesn't approve of their relationship apparently. (And rightfully so, based on the leg stabbing and all.) His sister is also a right psycho, arriving for court with a black and blue eye, whilst mouthing "I love you" to Whitehurst, whom most likely inflicted the injury. What a nutter.

My heart goes out to Calum's wife, Zoe, and his daughter.

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How to Avoid Leg Wounds Whilst Clubbing

Lesson #1: Stay Behind the Tables NOT Atop Them

Danielle DJed at The Wright Venue in Dublin the other week.

Lesson #2: Show Off Your Scar

Lloyd flashed her scar from an injury she sustained at Crystal Club in May. By doing so, she gave herself some street cred. Yo.

Lesson #3: Put Thought Into Your Company

Rather than taking her hot-headed footballing companion, Jamie O'Hara, Danielle took her mum, Barbara, along to the event.

pictures via dailymail

Sylvie Van Der Vaart at the Grocer

Only a WAG would shop for groceries in min-shorts, a gold Rolex, pointed-toe pumps, and a Birkin Bag. She's fabulous and she knows it. It's why we love her so.

picture via WAGs International

Real Madrid: A Critique

Christoph is looking fabulously man whorish, while Xabi's respectable side part needs to go. And Iker, is that some type of fungus on your face, possibly moss? It was hot when it was just stubble but now it's become a full-on pedo beard.

C-Ron, I love that in the face of media and blogs questioning you sexuality (and your "relationship" with Kaka), you continue to tan, pluck, wax, and indulge in spa treatments to your hearts content. As long as you continue to take you shirt, I don't really care.

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23 August 2009

Chelsea Sign Nemanja Matic

He's 21 and from Serbia. Not bad looking either. Well done Kenyon and Abramovich.

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Beckham and Adams Families Dine in LA

Victoria Beckham's family, including David and Cruz, as well as her parents and sister, dined at Mastros steakhouse in Beverly Hills. Does David not look, like OMG, in those tailored pants? The ass on that man is perfection.

pictures via dailymail, The Sun and Celebrity Gossip Center