06 August 2009

Real Madrid Insure Ronaldo's Legs for £90M

After an injury scare for Cristiano Ronaldo faced Real Madrid during a preseason friendly, the club thought it best to cover their loses. Yes, by insuring his legs for €100 million (£90 million). I guess if you're going to insure Iker's hands, you'd better cover the ass, I mean legs, of your most prized field player. Couldn't this be considered singling one player out over all others, though? Wouldn't you want to insure Kaka somehow as well? Or Xabi? Or Raul? Hope no one is taking offense.

Us ladies are appreciative of your efforts, Real Madrid. We love those Ronaldo thighs.

Question: What player's body part would you like to insure?

I think I'd insure Frank's thighs (even though I don't really get to see them anymore) and John Terry's bulge.

picture via dailymail and google images


Unknown said...

Completely Agree!!

BigEddie said...

One of the MANY reasons I like JT and love to watch him play... is is amazing bulge. He's rumoured to be one of the "bigger" lads in footie and he obviously does not try to hide it. Sigh ***