27 August 2009

Calum Davenport Stabbed at Mum's Home

Calum Davenport, 26, was critically injured after being stabbed seven times in both legs in the early morning on Saturday in Bedford outside his mother's house. One of the stab wounds had nicked his femoral artery, which caused him to lose half of the blood in his body. He was taken by ambulance to Bedford Hospital where he underwent surgery in an attempt to save his legs. There are still fears that he may never play football again. He is currently under serious but stable condition. His mother, Kim Stupple, 49, was also injured in the incident.

The police have arrested Worrell Whitehurst for the attack. Whitehurst is the boyfriend of Davenport's pregnant sister, Cara. The incident apparently happened in response to a dispute between Davenport and Whitehurst on Friday night. Calum doesn't approve of their relationship apparently. (And rightfully so, based on the leg stabbing and all.) His sister is also a right psycho, arriving for court with a black and blue eye, whilst mouthing "I love you" to Whitehurst, whom most likely inflicted the injury. What a nutter.

My heart goes out to Calum's wife, Zoe, and his daughter.

pictures via google images and dailymail

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