20 August 2009

Footballers Are Idiots: Defoe Suing Police

This is obviously not a new revelation for Jermain Defoe. He's apparently quite fond of doing very stupid things. Like suing police. He's all in a fuss because he got pulled over in his Ferrari because there had been car burglaries in the area. Once the police had everything suited out between car and driver, Defoe was free to go on his way. Alas he has to make an issue out of nothing. (Because I'm sure the other times he got pulled over he wasn't speeding or anything, honest officer.)

picture via dailymail


Anonymous said...

Perhaps because you are in America you are not au fait with how British police operate. I am not a Defoe fan but he is being targeted because he is a rich, black, footballer. Spend some time here not as a tourist, but with your journalist's cap on, and you'll find out what it's really like.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right.

Police are VERY racist here in the United Kingdom.

Defoe was actually detained for more than 24 hours FOR NO REASON in a cell. What other premier league footballer do you know that has happend to? I'm waiting.....

You support the racist bastards.