28 February 2010

Cruz Beckham's 5th Birthday!

He chose to be Megatron Optimus Prime from The Transformers and his older brothers, Brooklyn and Romeo, accompanied the birthday boy to his party. Victoria, obviously, was there as well.

With Cruz missing one of his front teeth, does he not look doubly adorable?

pictures via justjared and dailymail

26 February 2010

Jack Rodwell's Teenage Torso

He may be barely legal (18), but Jack Rodwell is not only showing potential on the pitch, but also with the abdominals. Well done, lad.

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

Alex Gerrard with Daughters in Tenerife

pictures via dailymail

Robbie Keanes Loves Ronan Keating

The Spurs player, on loan to Celtic, was at Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow to watch Ronan Keating perform. That's a daring move Mr. Keane. Don't worry, we aren't second guessing your sexuality or anything... (or your taste in music.)

pictures via zimbio

Cheryl Cole Meets Up with Dancer in LA

While in Los Angeles, Cheryl Cole met up with the ballroom dancer from her Parachute video. Derek Hough resides in LA and is part of the Dancing with the Stars cast. The two met on at least four occasions during her visit to the States, including a visit to her hotel room, where he stayed for 8 hours and exited at 4AM with a dog. Awkward. Cheryl also felt that it was totally normal that her pink, lacey bra was out for all to see, including Hough.

She also went out solo on a couple of trips to the recording studio where she recorded Three Words. Might she be working on a sophomore album already?

Also, that Christian Louboutin handbag is drool worthy.

Derek also went running in the woods. Shirtless. Lovely.

pictures via zimbio, The Sun, and dailymail

25 February 2010

Cesc Fabregas Two-Ways

This is the two ways that I love my footballers most. Suit or shirtless. There is naked, but that's rare and basically imaginary.

pictures via daylife and Kickette

Footballers for Pepsi

Where are the footie players for Coca-Cola?

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

18 February 2010

Cheryl Cole Escapes to LA

She wore a laid-back designer sweatshirt to Heathrow, but chose a more slimming number to arrive in LA. It's being said that Cheryl has been invited to visit the Beckham household while in Los Angeles on "business." (By business, she means finding a wicked-ass divorce attorney.)

She was swarmed by photographers when leaving LAX and had to sit on the lap of a passenger, rather than walking around to the other side of the car.

pictures via dailymail, Marie Claire and The Sun

The Brits: The WAGs Review

Cheryl Cole performed Fight for this Love, but it was obvious that she was not at her best. The support from her mother and bandmates, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, I'm sure, was much appreciated.

Abbey Clancy attended the ceremony. Unfortunately her stylist had gone mental. I mean, who pairs a camouflage dress with peace sign earrings. Was she trying to be ironic? Or just schlocky? (I will give her some points for her shoes though.)

Christine Bleakley was there too. Dress is simple and sophisticated. Shoes are just ghastly. And what's up with the suitcase? Having a sleepover?

pictures via zimbio, dailymail and The Sun

Alex Gerrard Plays Where's Waldo

Where's the WAG? Well, the hairdresser, of course!

picture via WAGs International

Victoria Beckham's A/W 2010 Collection

She was also at Bergdorf Goodman releasing her new line of denim. (Those shoes are just, le sigh.)

pictures via dailymail, Kickette and zimbio