18 February 2010

Ashley Cole = The Epitome of Idiotic Footballers

"No love, I didn't send naked pictures of myself to a tasteless Page 3 Girl. You see, I had this prepaid phone and took those pictures then got rid of it. I must have left the pictures on there and somebody else sent them to the Page 3 slapper."

Right, because that doesn't raise any questions, whatsoever. Like:

1. Why the hell would he have a prepaid phone?
2. Why would he take naked pictures of himself if he wasn't going to do something with them?
3. What kind of pillock GIVES away a prepaid phone with naked pictures of himself on it?
4. How would this individual that you gave it to have a Page 3 girl's number? Bloody, unlikely.

Ashley Cole, you are married to, like, the MOST GORGEOUS woman EVER. What the fuck is wrong with you?

In case you were wondering, in this picture, Cheryl is wishing she could take him back to the pound.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

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