12 February 2010

John Terry: The Good, The Bad, and The Shirtless

Yes he's a twat. But frankly, as long as he keeps taking off his shirt, I don't bloody care. (I am that shallow.)

pictures via zimbio


BigEddie said...

JT is a SEX GOD! Thanks for these pics - they really made my day! That chest... those muddy boots and muddy socks...

And I, too am just as shallow - perhaps worse. I don't care what John Terry gets up to, he will still be a sexy man, at the height of his career. I mean, he's a MAN - he will fuck around. And it may seem peverse to say but BECAUSE he fucks around, I think he is all the more sexy. Now I wonder if JT would consider SELLING me those boots and socks???

Unknown said...

Sad that he's been removed as England captain. What infidelity can do to a man?