26 February 2010

Cheryl Cole Meets Up with Dancer in LA

While in Los Angeles, Cheryl Cole met up with the ballroom dancer from her Parachute video. Derek Hough resides in LA and is part of the Dancing with the Stars cast. The two met on at least four occasions during her visit to the States, including a visit to her hotel room, where he stayed for 8 hours and exited at 4AM with a dog. Awkward. Cheryl also felt that it was totally normal that her pink, lacey bra was out for all to see, including Hough.

She also went out solo on a couple of trips to the recording studio where she recorded Three Words. Might she be working on a sophomore album already?

Also, that Christian Louboutin handbag is drool worthy.

Derek also went running in the woods. Shirtless. Lovely.

pictures via zimbio, The Sun, and dailymail

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