25 June 2009

Wedding Bells: Joe Cole and Carly Zucker

Held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, the wedding was looking to be one of the more lower budget WAG weddings.

John Terry and his wife, Toni, were on hand. (Although it looks like the ruffle fairy vomited all over Mrs. Terry's dress. Unfortunate really; her shoes are ferosh.)

The Carricks were also in attendance. Joe and Michael were together at the West Ham academy and Joe and Carly were present at the Man United ace's wedding last summer.

Scott Sinclair represented a part of the Chelsea contingent, while Vanessa Perroncel, along with boyfriend Wayne Bridge, enjoyed the festivities.

Random tacky young ladies somehow scored invites as well. (WTF?)

The Coles had a picture deal with Hello!, available in stands now!

pictures via zimbio and dailymail

24 June 2009

Gerrards on Family Holiday in Portugal

pictures via The Sun

John Terry Wins Daddy of the Year

And he so deserves it. He's been pretty well-behaved in the past year and every picture (and video) you see of him and his children is just... TO... DIE!!

pictures via Now Magazine and Kickette

More C-Ron Poolside

pictures via The Sun

Cheryl Cole Returns from France

pictures via WAGs International

Carly Zucker's Hen Night

The theme was nautical...

Nothing like needing a little assistance between club and cab.

Then stopping to get a bite, she had some issues exiting the vehicle.

Once she was out though, she dug into a tasty kebab and headed home.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

Coleen and Wayne on Holiday in Barbados: Day 3

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

Jimmy Choo for H&M

How freaking exciting is that!?

picture via dailymail

18 June 2009

Rio Gets Too Much Sun

It could be that sun stroke has effected his decision making capabilities...

...or that he is feeling the need to fill the now abandoned slot of the most effeminate player at Manchester United. (Although I'm suspecting that Nani will put up a good fight. Ronaldo has taught him well.)

Perhaps because he was in Israel he thought he was Zohan, but I'm also sensing a hint of Brüno.

Either way its disturbing. Really, incredibly disturbing.

pictures via dailymail

Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa Receive UEFA Bans

Didier has been banned from 4 games and suspended for 2, while Jose has been banned for 3 games and suspended for 1. (Don't really understand the difference, but whatever.) Chelsea have the opportunity to appeal by tomorrow. Whether they will or not, I don't know, but I don't know if it's necessarily to their advantage to do so. Drogba's behavior was, indeed, despicable.

picture via dailymail

Elen Rives Moves Her Stuff Out

Took her stuff from Frank's place here...

To her new place, here...

pictures via dailymail

Footballer Holiday Round-Up

Aaron Lennon and Tom Huddlestone hung out in Miami...

Jermaine Jenas got licked on the face poolside in Las Vegas...

Cisse and Nasri brought their significant others to play a little chicken in the ocean...

Deco took his baby mama on holiday, probably to break up with her inappropriately...

Michael Dawson and his girlfriend braved the shores of Mexico. Perhaps he was hoping to get swine flu so he didn't have to be so embarrassed while playing for Spurs.

pictures via dailymail and Kickette here and here