03 June 2009

Dodgy Hair of the Season

Although there are many contenders for this prestigious award, I've narrowed it down to categories and then a runner-up and winner.

To kick us off, I give you the bad cornrows:

Excessive Fro-ness:

The greasy used car salesman look:

Uncategorically dreadful:

RUNNER UP: Philippe Mexes, for his double ponytail.

THE WINNER: Sergio Ramos, for his inability to control his mane at the beginning of the season while ending it with what appears to be a mullet. Well done...

I do realize that not everyone agrees with my opinion. There are those out there that are thoroughly amused by Mexes double ponytail. While others ogle at the glory that is Sergio Ramos' lengthy locks. They just aren't my cup of tea. I'm so going to get slack for this, but I have freedom of speech... b**ches.

pictures via google images


Cindy said...

that rat tail whatever it is thing on that one dude, that is incredibly unfortunate for an otherwise good-looking guy. it just ruins everything. ick.

Misty Stiletto said...

Oh God, so much bad hair. I think what makes The Ramos's worse is that he looks so damn proud of it!!

My vote is with David Bentley though. Shockingly bad.