10 June 2009

Wes Brown in Las Vegas

Wes Brown was partying at the N9NE Steakhouse in the Palms Casino with fellow United teammate Danny Simpson, along with Jermaine Pennant (Liverpool), Jonathan Fortune (Charlton), Graham Stack (Plymouth Argyle) and Adam Lallana (Southampton).

Seeing that the season was officially over, the footballers wanted to engulf themsleves in tasty foods and expensive water:

The group enjoyed a five course meal of shellfish platters, signature garbage salads, halibut, lamb chops and filet surf and turf for the main course. For dessert they indulged with smores, cheesecake, Oreo cookie ice cream and espresso shots. They drank wine and Fiji water throughout the course of the meal.

Oh yes and big-chested blonde bunnies too. Can't forget about the bunnies.

pictures via Vegas News

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