10 June 2009

Brazilians Love Me...

Rogério Andrade, an art director at a Brazilian soccer magazine, e-mailed me a few months back and wanted to know if I'd allow him to do a profile of myself on his blog. I, of course, said yes!

Anywho, he posted it last Friday and it's absolutely fabulous. It's not in English, here is a translation:

Looking for a nice post, I bumped into an interesting blog about English football. Interesting because it is tailored for girls, or those who enjoy things that girls usually enjoy, if you know what I mean. Even those who do not like football will probably like My Relationship With Football.

The blog is about English football and who does it is a woman – kind of exotic, I must say. She is Blair Haring, American, 26 years old, in love with English football, fan of Chelsea and graduated in political science.

Blair checks out what is the best around in terms of pictures and gossip about players and their wags. Fashion, hair, makeup, behavior, and even football are the subjects of MRWF.

According to the author, My Relation is a blog about football, players, wives and family. And basically a criticism of wags and their lifestyle. And as she also needs to have some fun, Blair, whenever possible, place pictures of players in sexy shots, or simply wearing suits – it seems she loves smartly dressed men.

Today, for example, who goes there will find a video of the strange way Drogba, Obi Mikel and Bonsingwa celebrate a title and a gallery of world of football’s strangest hairstyles.

A week ago, a post showed Belletti’s sister being “attacked” by Cristiano Ronaldo (or the way round, whatever).

I actually feel like a legitimate writer now!


Unknown said...

Hi my name is Sabrina I'm from Rio , Brasil and I found your blog in his blog, i am chelsea fan too , and i dore your blog so congratulation for the blog , i love your post kiss from Rio

Glauco ma non troppo said...

Since I knew about your blog at Andrada's blog I became your fan! A told about it a thousand of friends which are also football fans. Keep wrinting, writer! Cheers, Thiago Rocha.