29 April 2009

Cheryl Cole Leaving Leeds Hotel

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Redknapps and Parkers Do Nobu... Again

It seems like the Redknapps and Parkers are the new Terrys and Lampards. Jamie and Louise joined Scotty Parker and his wife for dinner at Nobu last week. Both couples looked precious, but the Redknapps take the cake here. (Scotty lost points for the dodgy cabby cap.)

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Barcelona v Chelsea: 1st Leg

I can't say exactly how I felt about the match. I suppose contented would suffice. Chelsea was totally dominated in possession and shots, but we held strong in defense, which is a good strategy against the Spanish giants, but it also makes for a BORING ass match. At least we didn't have to be embarrassed by the end result (unlike Bayern Munich), but I feel an away goal would have set a better tone for the home leg. I guess we shall just have to see next week.

Jose Bosingwa did well to force Messi to the middle where Ballack and Mikel were sitting back to assist. He was playing out of position so I give him credit for keeping the Argentinian at bay. I'll be intrigued to see how Ashley Cole fairs next Wednesday.

Essien was his normal "train-like" self, no matter what position he was playing in. (I believe Guus changed his position 3 times throughout the match.)

Drogba did well as the only striker in a defensive match. He still caused some trouble for the Barcelona defense.

Frank didn't have his best game of the season, but he was still a pest to Iniesta and Xavi, which was basically his task for the match. Here he is telling Dani Alves to "step off" yo. After he came out in the 70th minute, the game seemed to take on a different tempo, and one that I was not best pleased with. (In fact, it gave me heart palpitations. Guus, just leave him in alright.)

In the end, Petr Cech came out the victor (and the man of the match for the Chelsea side, in my opinion). Oh, and Malouda removed his shirt too. Oh goodie!

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Elen with Luna and Isla at Charity Event

Elen took Luna and Isla to a CLIC Sargeant event at the Ralph Lauren store in Chelsea. (What is on Isla's cheek? And could Luna look any more like Frankie?! PRECIOUS!)

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Henrique Hilario: Underrated Talent and Good Looks

There are many Chelsea lads that the ladies would chase after barefoot over glass, hot coals, amphibious creatures and, most likely, other ladies. But one player who is commonly overlooked is that of Henrique Hilario, the back-up goalkeeper for Petr Cech. Since getting his haircut before pre-season last year, the Portuguese keeper really caught my eye. And as pictured, he cleans up REALLY nicely. Nummers.

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Time For Your Close-Up Frank

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Hump Day Celebration: C-Ron v. Spurs

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Girls Aloud: Out of Control Tour

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David Beckham Scratches that Itch

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Liverpool FC Legends Edition Mobile

No surprise that the Scouse club made the most garish mobile... ever. The 18-carat gold handset is accompanied by 18 diamonds, marking the number of the club's league title victories, and a sapphire crystal screen. With only 250 being made, this limited edition, collectors item will be unattainable to most hardcore fans of the club. It's hefty £14,490 price tag leaves the phone only to be purchased by those with a footballer's salary, or their wives.

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Lady in Red: Louise Redknapp at the BAFTAs

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Chelsea Lads Enjoy a Little WWE

Who knew that when the WWE arrived in London, that the stands of the O2 arena would be loaded with Chelsea's footballers and their family. I knew that Jose was a fan. Perhaps he introduced it to the lads during their pre-season trips to the U.S. Frankly I think the WWE is disgusting and pointless, but that's just me

Ashley Cole was there with his brother. (I think. I've seen him before, but it might just be a mate of his.)

John Obi Mikel was there, wearing one of his ridiculous hats, per usual.

Ballack decided to bring the kids along, and apparently dress them in the coordinating outfits. Disturbing, truly disturbing. (Especially those dodgy hats.)

Coleen and Wayne Celebrate Tony's 50th

At Wings Chinese restaurant in Manchester, The Rooneys and Mcloughlins celebrated the 50th birthday of Coleen's dad, Tony. Coleen has apparently planned the entire evening from start to finish with Chinese dragon dancers, a live band, and firecrackers. What fun!

Coleen shined in her sequined mini dress and nude peep toe Louboutins while Wayne wore a nice shirt and a pair of jeans. Tony and Colette, the grandparents-to-be even posed for the cameras outside the party, under a banner reading, "TONY'S 50TH."

The family fun continued the next day. Coleen and Wayne attended the FA Carlsberg Sunday Cup final at Anfield with Wayne's dad. Wayne’s brother Graham, cousin Thomas and uncle Richie played for their team Oyster Martyrs against Notts team Scots Grey. The day did not end well though, with the Oysters taking home the cup.

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Girls Aloud for Kit-Kat Senses

Elen Punches, Frank Defends

This whole break-up is getting a little out of hand. First Elen gets pissed at Boujis after the Fifi Fragrance Awards that she attended with bestie, Abbey Clancy, and begins telling strangers (a.k.a. a journalist) that Frank's all heartless and not returning her tearful, heartbroken voicemails. Wait, didn't SHE break up with HIM?

Then Frank calls a radio station in order to defend himself and tell the presenter to shut the fuck up because it's he anniversary of Pat's death and that Frank's sister is very distressed about the radio presenter calling Frank scum and a bad father. I will say that Frank was very articulate and didn't get overly-emotional. Although it seemed at times that he was going to yell and get angry or just burst into tears, he kept his cool and explained the situation with poise. (In the end, I wanted to just give him a hug.)

Put your boobs away. You're a mother for goodness sake.

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